I’m a big fan of having great manifestations appear at my doorstep. Imagine a world where whatever you wanted, you could simply make it appear at your front door in 1 to 2 days. How cool would that be? Really think about that, you desire it, and with little or no action required on your part, it appears on your doorstep.

Well it actually exists in the world and it’s called Amazon Prime. For those of you don’t know, Amazon prime is an $80 a year subscription service that allows you to get FREE Two-day shipping on all products that fall under the prime category. This, shockingly, is 99% of anything that I am ever shopping for. For an additional $3.99 per item you can have that product overnighted to you, and that includes Saturday delivery. Just to make myself abundantly clear, that’s $3.99, to overnight anything you want to yourself and that includes Saturday delivery. If you’re in business for yourself, or you’ve ever overnighted something, you know that overnight rates usually start around $45-$50 and go upwards of $100-250 an item depending on how much the item weighs. Thanks FedEx.

Last year I overnighted a 150 pound metal inversion table to myself. Another year I overnighted a 40 pound iMac. Yet another time I overnighted an actual inversion table that allows you to hang upside down by your ankles. This was a 70 pound oversize package that stood over 6 feet off the ground. I have a great deal of fun on Amazon prime. Because pricing is usually better and sadly, there is no sales tax (for a few more months) there’s nothing like clicking one button, and two days later it having it appear on your doorstep without needing to go shopping, park, deal with crowds, traffic and so forth.

So it’s a simple is this: go to W WW.Amazon.com and do a search for anything you desire. The left hand side click the little box that says prime eligible. You’ll then be shown everything that is available for free two-day shipping. Folks, it just doesn’t get better than that!

Actually it does. On top of that you get Amazon’s same great return policy, which states you can return anything you don’t want for a full refund.

Amazon is especially great for niche items such as exotic sweets and treats that you may not find in stores. In one fail swoop you can sample tasty gingered shoes, purchase replacement bulbs, buy a tripod for your iPhone, get a new external hard drive with FireWire to back up your Mac, purchase litter locker refills for your cats, purchase cat food, purchase brushes for your drums… For the most part whatever it is you can conjure up, it’s available on Amazon.com. I have nothing but praise and good things to say about this company, the site has become easier and easier to use over time, as it was a disaster couple years ago, and everything that you need to do is only a couple clicks away.

You can actually share the membership of people in your household, and you can ship these items to friends and family and other people as well. As you can imagine, it’s one of the most perfect solutions for gift giving, the holidays, birthdays and special occasions.

It is this type of forward thinking, creativity, and on Genuity that makes me feel happy to be alive during this age and time.


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  1. Huge fan of ordering from Amazon….. How did I miss the Prime subscription? Wow! Thanks for sharing Tari. Really. This is really Amazoning, I mean AMAZING!

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