With the many different food styles I’ve embraced over the years, burger joints certainly do not head my list for great lunches or dinners. When I think about what I’m actually eating; ground-up cow on a bun, it doesn’t sound too appetizing. Stick with me though this is actually a positive review. I remember back in the 50s burger joints were in. I remember back in the 80s burger joints for it. I remember burger joints being revived with restaurants like Bob’s big boy, and Johnny rockets. I remember burger joints in the 90s springing up. And now here we are in 2012 and the American classic has simply become ubiquitous. In Los Angeles where hamburger is as easy to obtain as an actor waiting tables, the bar has been set higher. We are now offered choices through the humanity of the cattle which we eat. It’s very refreshing to see burger joints that boast free range, hormone free, antibiotic free, grass pad et cetera et cetera. It’s also nice to see some vegetarian options finally making their way to American menus.

I think Umami Burger has done a great job on improving a classic. This can certainly be seen by the long lines extending out the door and around the corner Of Ventura Blvd., Valley. It seems to me that no matter what time of day or night and I drive by this place, there are always people eager to eat Umami Burger. They have figured out something that is out burger has figured out many years ago, and that’s how to create a nonstop flow traffic by serving burgers. Frankly I would be thrilled to learn the secret. So what differentiates Umami burger from Ameeri at other places that include Fuddruckers, the counter, Bob’s big boy, in and out, McDonald’s, Burger King, red Robin, etc. etc. is the upscale nature of the burger itself. From my understanding, you get antibiotic and hormone free beef from Neiman Ranch, as well as a fine selection of menu items which includes a turkey burger and veggie burger. Seen above is the RU tuna burger which on my particular visit was very fishy but had it not been would’ve probably been rather delicious.

I appreciate that they use brioche buns, I appreciate the uniquely flavored ketchup, and I appreciate the unique flavor. Definitely worth a try!

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