Last night I was having an amazing dinner. The restaurant was such that it Artie came with a decent size cloth napkin. I only ordered two small plates with my waiter came by and send an enormous stack of paper napkins on top of my table.

In most bathrooms across the world, paper towels prevail. Generally they’re so thin they require 2 to 3 to dry your hands with. And for the super anal 4-5 so that you can open the door and not touch the handle. When I multiply this across the tens of thousands of people who use it every day and then multiply that by the tens of thousands of establishments that exist in one state alone, and then multiply that by the tens of thousands of establishments exist across the world, I can’t even fathom how much paper is being used.

Every single time I go into a small bakeshop, coffee shop, bakery, deli, or restaurant and order a little something small to go, inevitably it winds up getting packaged in a large plastic container, with a thin piece of waxed paper wrapped around it, and then 2 to 5 large napkins put inside of an additional paper bag. The amount of waste that gets created for one single sweet, or one single snack, or one single bagel, multiplied by the billions of items that are sold every day creates such an unfathomable amount of waste it makes my head spin.

Anytime I stop at the drug store or supermarket and I purchase one item, no matter how tiny it is, I am always having to tell the clerk to not put it in a bag because that is their default action. What do I possibly need a bag for which one item I ask? They’re inevitable response is, that’s what people always want. I multiply this out by the trillions of purchases made every single day for one or two quick items and I cannot wrap my brain around the amount of waste.

To avoid eating out all the time, there’re times that I cook for myself at home. This is a good thing. Sometimes I want an accompanying snack with what I’m eating or something already prepackaged. The amount of waste for one $.99 package of seaweed snacks that consists of a large aluminum wrapper and a large plastic tray is astounding! I multiply this time’s the billions of packages for seaweed alone tickets purchased on a daily basis and I can’t even wrap my brain around the amount of waste.

If I forget to bring my recycled bags back to the supermarket to use for shopping, evidently bags are so poorly made these days but now everything needs to be double bag. So top of all the waste from all the packaging it takes to simply bring food home into the house, I also have to waste twice as many paper or plastic bags.

You know that these are just a few examples that we experience every day of the unnecessary use and waste of paper. It takes just a little bit of consciousness to be less wasteful and blessed consuming more importantly. There is absolutely no need to consume the amount of paper products that we use on a daily basis for such small things. Started serving yourself on a daily basis. Notice the amount of times that you throw something in the garbage, and begin to think about the footprint that you make. I am highly conscious of this, and still there are times where I am throwing away several large trash bags a week of recycling. I can’t believe it! Sometimes it almost makes sense for me to eat out more so that I can consume less.

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