I had my first Lululemon experience today. Now that may seem like an ordinary statement but I know in the minds of some people, women especially, this is sacrilege. “You’re only just now having your first Lululemon experience?” Yes. But it was a good one.

It’s taken me a long time to embrace and understand this brand partially because, well for starters they don’t use any kind of natural fiber whatsoever. Everything is all synthetic. I think the last time I was in the into synthetic I was 16 years old and wearing those three striped Adidas pants that crinkled like a shopping bag when you walked in them. However times have changed, and evidently now there is very breathable synthetic fabric that you can work out in, feels great wear and lo and behold, isn’t noisy.

It also took me a while to find a cut and style that was right for me. I’m always on the lookout for something that lets me experience life in a way I haven’t before. To to my shock and amazement I discovered several pairs of pants that actually look like formal Italian tailored slacks, but have the flexibility and breathability to do Accra yoga or workout in. Now that’s not something you see every day.

So, despite my usual propensity to lean towards a boot cut or a wide legged bottom that covers my shoes or feet, I got in touch with my Italian roots and selected the Mission Pant, and the Trainer Pant. You know you’ve got it right when you step out of the dressing room and the already overly enthusiastic staff widens their eyes and gasps slightly. Ha! I feel like I could step foot onto a runway in these pants, and then turn a few backflips at the same time. It was quite an amazing discovery I have to say. This for me was pivotal because I did not know this was possible in a workout style pants.

The exciting part of this whole experience came when the girls asked a key question, but I’m sure they ask everybody, what are you going to wear them for? When I said AcroYoga it started some commotion And I told the girl who was most helpful to me that if she grabbed a yoga mat I would fly her.

Lululemon, I have gathered, is notorious for strange and exciting happenings right smack in the middle of their retail floor. They hold events, parties, dances, and yoga classes to name a few.

Naturally, they sell yoga mats so it was easy for her to procure one immediately. She hit me with the usual rounds of last minute resistance: I am scared, I don’t like being upside down, I’m not an acrobat! I told her to give me a hug, and to trust me and I would take good care of her.

We cleared the space for her first flight, and as per usual when we get a little nervous, she thrusts her arms and lock them out against mine, lifted her head up and looking right knee and was like okay now what??

It took only a moment to get her body to feel trust, and be able to let go. Then, as a small gathering of girls began to watch and take photos, we moved through a series of postures and positions that stretched her and lengthened her.

The aftermath is something that I always love. When she got up, it was a little difficult for her to get her bearings and gather herself. She felt lighter, lightheaded, and couldn’t quite communicate clearly with her customers for a good five minutes. Such are the results of dropping a little AcroYoga love bomb onto someone for the first time!

I think experiences like this last along time and are very impactful. It’s what makes me feel excitement for what I do, and it’s a gift that I carry with me in my back pocket wherever I go. If this is got you curious if you want to learn more, check out our Los Angeles based crew:

AcroYoga Los Angeles


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  1. I am for sure going to learn AcroYoga and go to Lululemon stores across the country and fly all the lovely employees!!!! What a gift you have Tari to walk into a store and practice what you love doing- this is cool. Oh yeah, Lululemon rocks!!!! 3 pants, 4 shirts, 1 jacket…. TBC!

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