It’s a fantastic question. It’s everything to a woman but as men the choices can often seem dismal. What do we have? Hanes, Jockey, Fruit of the Loom… H&M?  No sir. I’d like to introduce every man to the one and only type of underwear he will ever need.  It’s made by Calvin Klein but the secret is in the sauce. Modal is a natural fiber made of tree cellulose and has been used to make clothes for some time now. To me it feels twice as soft as cotton and gives 100% breathability where it counts. Luckily, when you buy your Calvin’s you’re in for another treat. Choice of color outside of black and white!  Yes, modal boxers come in holiday colors and seasonal colors, so while every day your high comfort level will be consistent, you can still explore your full personality with color and style.

On top of all this Calvin Klein Modal undergarments come in two sizes. briefs and boxers. I personally think either look fantastic. They fit perfectly and don’t ride up high, they look ridiculously sexy and like you actually have taste and they show off just the right amount of your V to get women talking. There I said it. And now you guys know one of my secrets.

You can find Calvin Klein underwear here via amazon (affiliate link).

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