anjuli_about2You have never had an experience like this before. I had the great privilege of spending a couple of hours with Anjuli in a session that nurtured and healed me in ways I never dreamed possible. I am completely fulfilled.  Here’s how it all happened:

I wanted to do a healing session at the AcroYoga Festival called Divine Play  in San Francisco. I had never met Anjuli before and had expressed that I had high hopes for the many modalities of bodywork I had experienced, but that I seldom walked away really ‘feeling’ changed or empowered or different or even healed.  She said this session would be good for me.  She then proceeded to use countless tools to give me a session I will never forget.

She drew on me with a firm piece of Shea butter that easily melted onto my skin as sunlight poured onto me in the treatment room.  She used singing bowls on either side of my ears and rang them perfectly for sound therapy. She used long, languid, fluid  massage strokes to relax and deeply soothe me in all the right intuitively discovered places. She spoke in the most relaxing, calm voice, encouraging me to unwind with “yes’s” and “mmm hmmms” each time my body relaxed or unlocked another layer.  She treated my entire body and didn’t miss one part. She took into account all of my requests and paid special attention to areas where I wanted special attention.  She guided me through this process with short poignant instruction in an affirming loving voice.  Her intention was loving and I felt her p r e s e n c e through every moment of the treatment. She used massage techniques, Thai massage techniques and her own blend of magic. She cleansed me with sage and cleared me with holy wood.  She took time before and after to really understand what was going on with me. It’s hard to fully put into words but I walked in feeling good- and I walked out filled with love, filled with the kind of vibration or attitude that wanted to give back to the world and filled with deep appreciation for myself, others and for Anjuli.

Post treatment I paced about in a blissful trancelike state at the festival for at least two hours basking in an afterglow as hundreds of yogis catapulted themselves into different tricks. I was so peaceful and happy and high.  I gave two mini treatments myself to two friends who were in pain and paid it forward easily.

I would strongly recommend experiencing and going all out with Anjuli.  This is money well spent and will serve you so much more to exchange it for a few sessions rather than holding on to it!  Sometimes the value of something, like touch is so great that giving money isn’t enough.  I thanked Anjuli profusely, and smiled and held her to try to express the deep appreciation for the way she cared for me during this treatment. I would recommend a 1.5-2.5 hour initial session and then a follow up session or two of 90 minutes. If I lived near her I would quite possibly see her weekly!  You will quite simply never forget her work.

Anjuli is someone I trust.

You can book a session with her by visiting her site at or by calling: (808) 639-2462 or by emailing:

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