ByDayWhere to begin with this place?  I’ll start by saying I have never taken more people to one establishment than I have to Mare’kas. I have had so many positive experiences here it is hard to keep them straight.  I’m a well travelled, well fed foodie and and  regularly scour the Valley searching for the perfect places to eat.  I have parked in different neighborhoods and just walked different parts of town looking at menus and ambiance and food because really, there’s nothing like a phenomenal meal, is there?

I remember being greeted by a very attractive, woman with an incredible sense of style.  Turns out she’s the owner. Friends, you heard right, this young attractive woman and her team (notably Katy) have created a little haven in the Valley to feed your mind, body and soul.  They have at least 100 hand crafted drinks, all using organic produce and high end supplements! The things they accomplish behind that tiny bar is mind bending.  I’ve been giving a great deal of thought of how to describe this place because despite it’s size there is just so much you can do here.  For me and my grounp of friends Mare’kas is a dream come true. I have:

– taken a sick girlfriend there to get better and have Katy custom blend her a ‘kick in the face’ wellness shot

– taken my best friends there for a light organic lunch made with love

– gone in alone several times just to savor the smoothie and elixir menu and try out what’s good

– gone in before dance class for an energy boosting smoothie

– gone to see a comedy show

– gone to listen to great live music

– gone to have my cards read just for fun

– gone in to make new friends and left with several

– brought friends in for a late night of sipping spicy hot chocolates and handmade gelato

– gone in and used free wifi to get work done

– brought alcohol drinking friends in for their unique selection of spirits and elixirs

– brought coffee drinking friends in for a reishi mushroom espresso when they needed to clear their mind.

Where else can you go to have HEALTHY, ORGANIC drinks custom tailored just for you depending on your mood or how you’re feeling? Where else can you go for a smoked salmon bagel one day, a vegetarian curry spinach salad the next and a chocolate orange drinking chocolate the next?  They will even custom tailor 1-7 day juice fasts just for you and what you need in the moment.

Mare’kas is not a restaurant, or a bar or a lounge it’s anything you want it to be. It’s a health conscious persons dream. It’s a place to stop after or before yoga or a dance class,  It’s a place to bring both local and out of town friends to for drinks that are actually GOOD for your body.  It’s a place to catch a live performance or listen to drum and bass.  It’s  place to socialize and try new and exotic flavors that you didn’t know existed.

A couple things you should know – Mare’ka is small with BIG energy. It’s cozy and quaint- so when it gets busy they have a small area to work from.  Believe me they are doing their best, given the intimacy of the space.  The fact that you can have a delicious natural meat pizza or vegetarian gourmet salad come out of that tiny little bar is astounding.   As much as I talk up the food you should know it’s not a full dinner or lunch menu with 200 items but there are several great meals that cover a wide palate of flavors. I consider the fact that Mare’kas actually serves food at all, much less fresh and organic food, the icing on the cake with all the elixirs, drinks and smoothies you can order.  It’s also a little bit hidden but just look for the big purple sign near the corner of Coldwater and Ventura across from StarBucks… a place you’ll never want to go back to after being here.

Mare’kas is a rare gem in this world.  I wouldn’t hesitate to make a special request if they’re not busy, or chat up the girls to educate yourself on what effect different fruits, veggies and herbs have on the body. Thank you Mare’ka for an absolutely magical experience every single time.

Mare’ka is located at

12747 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Neighborhood: Studio City

Their website is and their phone number is (818) 509-1664

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