If ever you find yourself inundated by the drone of noise, madness and grit that is Hollywood and Highland (for me it was a dance class at IDA) and you are looking for something absolutely phenomenal, something so delicious you can savor every succulent bite and every morsel… I cordially recommend to you Public Kitchen and Bar, right smack in the middle of the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard literally steps across the street from Hollywood and Highland shopping area and mating grounds. If you’re here for the first time you almost certainly will miss it. I lived in LA for years and never knew existed. Partly because it is completely closed off the outside world.

I started with the housemase cavatelli. Strike that, I started with their signature roles – for a $5 surcharge- that were perfectly fluffy and chewy. The butter was imported, and there was flavored smoked salt sprinkled gently on top. I personally have such a penchant for smoked salt I keep several versions of it at home.

I have a strong love for handmade pasta; maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Italy before. Some chefs just simply know how to blend ingredients perfectly. The sauce was fixed and stuck to the moist and chewy pasta. There was the perfect blending of spice, English peas, breadcrumbs and certainly some Italian imported crispy meat morsel. Every single bite was literally an explosion of flavor.

I then had the little gem salad which came with ribbons of melon, prosciutto, ricotta salata, and then finished off with rose petals. Exquisite.

The prices are anything but cheap, which kind of flies in the face of this somewhat English pub style decor but it is worth every penny. Extremely comfortable boots and chairs and lighting are all of a plus.
Other choices included gazpacho, brussels sprouts, all sorts of meat and fish, fresh ricotta, beat salad with lavender, and grilled octopus and crab cakes.

For dessert they have passionfruit panna cotta, a Rocky road crunch bar, peanut butter and jelly brioche, strawberry shortcake, and plenty of dessert options for two like a chocolate soufflé cake with prune and Armagnac ice cream and crispy rice. If I had another stomach I certainly would try the caramel ganache with passionfruit, white chocolate and almonds.

Don’t sleep on this one.


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