AcroYoga LA was invited to do an event with the clothing company Free People so Tari, Yovo, Sarah Y and Casey headed down to Space15 Twenty in Hollywood to help them celebrate. You can get in on some of the action in this two minute video clip from this post.  We had a fantastic little rug not much bigger than Aladdin’s magic carpet and were still able to do some magic of our own.  A few playful girls, dressed in full evening attire even decided to take flight and had their first AcroYoga experience.

Nothing delights me more than taking someone up for their first time. The deep meditative space they drop into when they finally just let go upside down, the look of delight on their face and sheer wonder when they finally land, the 5 minute adjustment period necessary to come back to reality and get grounded… I just love it.

So for the better part of 90 minutes we flipped, posed, played and executed hand to hand on our blanket while people drank and were merry.  A DJ spun, a band also played live music, there was great shopping and of course a quintessential taco truck was there to feed the crowd. The event was organized by Jessica Baldy who put the whole things together with ease and grace.  We reached capacity of 250 around 8:00pm, but luckily as people were coming and going we were able to let more people in.  We estimated about 275-300 people attended this fantastic little event!


Instagram: You can find hundreds of the pics on instagram at #FPLovesLA. Feel free to regram!

You can also like the Facebook page and checkout more photos from the event here: Free People Facebook event

Source: Recap: Our FP Loves LA Event! | Free People Blog



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