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I am a firm believer that wellness is first and foremost a state of mind and a state of thought form. I don’t like to take pills and generally am a fan of achieving wellness through sunlight, fresh air, fresh water, great food that is organic and close to nature and fresh forward thinking thoughts.   Few supplements in the past have ever shown me significant or marked improvement in my wellbeing the way what I am going to introduce to you has… And so it’s with great pleasure that Introduce a line of botanical plant based products named Univera. So, before offering anything to friends, colleagues and family, I had to personally test them for myself to witness the kind of results I would see on an already extremely healthy person.

But, if I am going to stand behind something it had better test it and see the results. As such, I personally have taken and continue to take and experiment with all of the supplements that I recommend and represent for at least 3 months.

univeranaturalhealthproductsimageI am an independent Univera associate, licensed to sell their full line of products. Once you explore the site, you can contact me for any additional questions, request, nutritious facts sheet, product data sheets and even samples and my personal recommendations. If you have any questions before you try something out, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Each product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied you can send it all back for a full refund, even if you’ve consumed the whole package.  Click below to browse products and don’t hesitate to contact me before you buy with any questions.


Discover and Purchase Botanical Wellness Products Now! Take the Metabolic Power Test Now!


Smashbox Studios


Los Angeles Based AcroYogis come together for a celebrity art showing and benefit in Los Angeles at Smashbox Studios


But the night wouldn’t be complete without AcroYoga on the red carpet! Two flyers sit in Throne, while Tari and Marisa Mendez fly Star.

Paper Napkin Etiquette

Last night I was having an amazing dinner. The restaurant was such that it Artie came with a decent size cloth napkin. I only ordered two small plates with my waiter came by and send an enormous stack of paper napkins on top of my table.

In most bathrooms across the world, paper towels prevail. Generally they’re so thin they require 2 to 3 to dry your hands with. And for the super anal 4-5 so that you can open the door and not touch the handle. When I multiply this across the tens of thousands of people who use it every day and then multiply that by the tens of thousands of establishments that exist in one state alone, and then multiply that by the tens of thousands of establishments exist across the world, I can’t even fathom how much paper is being used.

Every single time I go into a small bakeshop, coffee shop, bakery, deli, or restaurant and order a little something small to go, inevitably it winds up getting packaged in a large plastic container, with a thin piece of waxed paper wrapped around it, and then 2 to 5 large napkins put inside of an additional paper bag. The amount of waste that gets created for one single sweet, or one single snack, or one single bagel, multiplied by the billions of items that are sold every day creates such an unfathomable amount of waste it makes my head spin.

Anytime I stop at the drug store or supermarket and I purchase one item, no matter how tiny it is, I am always having to tell the clerk to not put it in a bag because that is their default action. What do I possibly need a bag for which one item I ask? They’re inevitable response is, that’s what people always want. I multiply this out by the trillions of purchases made every single day for one or two quick items and I cannot wrap my brain around the amount of waste.

To avoid eating out all the time, there’re times that I cook for myself at home. This is a good thing. Sometimes I want an accompanying snack with what I’m eating or something already prepackaged. The amount of waste for one $.99 package of seaweed snacks that consists of a large aluminum wrapper and a large plastic tray is astounding! I multiply this time’s the billions of packages for seaweed alone tickets purchased on a daily basis and I can’t even wrap my brain around the amount of waste.

If I forget to bring my recycled bags back to the supermarket to use for shopping, evidently bags are so poorly made these days but now everything needs to be double bag. So top of all the waste from all the packaging it takes to simply bring food home into the house, I also have to waste twice as many paper or plastic bags.

You know that these are just a few examples that we experience every day of the unnecessary use and waste of paper. It takes just a little bit of consciousness to be less wasteful and blessed consuming more importantly. There is absolutely no need to consume the amount of paper products that we use on a daily basis for such small things. Started serving yourself on a daily basis. Notice the amount of times that you throw something in the garbage, and begin to think about the footprint that you make. I am highly conscious of this, and still there are times where I am throwing away several large trash bags a week of recycling. I can’t believe it! Sometimes it almost makes sense for me to eat out more so that I can consume less.



With the many different food styles I’ve embraced over the years, burger joints certainly do not head my list for great lunches or dinners. When I think about what I’m actually eating; ground-up cow on a bun, it doesn’t sound too appetizing. Stick with me though this is actually a positive review. I remember back in the 50s burger joints were in. I remember back in the 80s burger joints for it. I remember burger joints being revived with restaurants like Bob’s big boy, and Johnny rockets. I remember burger joints in the 90s springing up. And now here we are in 2012 and the American classic has simply become ubiquitous. In Los Angeles where hamburger is as easy to obtain as an actor waiting tables, the bar has been set higher. We are now offered choices through the humanity of the cattle which we eat. It’s very refreshing to see burger joints that boast free range, hormone free, antibiotic free, grass pad et cetera et cetera. It’s also nice to see some vegetarian options finally making their way to American menus.

I think Umami Burger has done a great job on improving a classic. This can certainly be seen by the long lines extending out the door and around the corner Of Ventura Blvd., Valley. It seems to me that no matter what time of day or night and I drive by this place, there are always people eager to eat Umami Burger. They have figured out something that is out burger has figured out many years ago, and that’s how to create a nonstop flow traffic by serving burgers. Frankly I would be thrilled to learn the secret. So what differentiates Umami burger from Ameeri at other places that include Fuddruckers, the counter, Bob’s big boy, in and out, McDonald’s, Burger King, red Robin, etc. etc. is the upscale nature of the burger itself. From my understanding, you get antibiotic and hormone free beef from Neiman Ranch, as well as a fine selection of menu items which includes a turkey burger and veggie burger. Seen above is the RU tuna burger which on my particular visit was very fishy but had it not been would’ve probably been rather delicious.

I appreciate that they use brioche buns, I appreciate the uniquely flavored ketchup, and I appreciate the unique flavor. Definitely worth a try!




Living on Sushi Row in Los Angeles, I’ve got access to such an abundance of sushi restaurants that I actually find myself not enjoying it as often as I can. When I discovered Eggplant, I can immediately tell just by the outside appearance that something was different. It’s nestled next to a guitar and drum store, (very cool) with only three parking spaces in its driveway, in a little cobblestone Asian building that looks like a relic right out of Japan, though it’s sitting in Ventura Boulevard. Refreshingly also, it is not in a 1970s strip mall. I’ve uploaded to pictures of their extensive specials menu. Note this is not the actual folding menu that has 100 other items, nor is it the disposable piece of paper to write down your regular sushi order. All of these are their special creations! There are so many new fun and unusual things to try here that I almost don’t know where to start, but don’t worry, I know just the thing:

Eggplant’s specialty, is the use of lots of vegetables, particularly Japanese eggplant and pumpkin. They probably serve eggplant for five different ways. One of my favorite things to get there however is the honey pumpkin dish. It’s sliced sautéed pumpkin in the rich sweet honey sauce and goes perfectly with any other Japanese accompaniment. They also have a light pumpkin dish with ponzu sauce, a pumpkin vegetarian role, a warm pumpkin dish with her housemates sesame sauce, and even pumpkin miso soup. All of these are a fantastic addition to what normally consists of standard sushi fare: raw seafood, seaweed and rice.

Spicy tuna on top of crispy rice has long been a Los Angeles staple in restaurants like Katsu-ya for many years. Eggplant does their own take on this dish by doing a sweet salmon on top of the crispy rice. This is also in my favorites. Something else I can’t stop ordering as well is there fresh salmon sushi, and most of the time it is some of the freshest I’ve ever had. In addition to taste, I also look for how buttery the fish can be, and if it’s melting in my mouth I know I’m in the right place.

What I love about Eggplant is that they do multiple versions of similar dishes, so you can get Shishito peppers just grilled or you can get them such a delicious sauce. a few types of spinach, several types of eggplant and pumpkin- you really can hone your palette here.

Eggplant specializes in hand rolls too and most of them are offered with soy paper. Some are very simple such as blue crab and avocado and some get even more complex. Literally there is something for anyone in this little restaurant. The waitresses are always sweet and of course are Japanese and don’t speak much English. The decor is simple, and the table and chairs are austere. The owners are timelessly in love with The Beatles and so almost every time I sit in there, without fail there is some transcendental Beatles track playing that really makes the vibe interesting. However, this is a fantastic little date spot, business spot, place to just grab a bite to eat by yourself and not feel encroached upon, and even a place for the whole family. There is zero pretense unlike a few others I’ve been to where people seem to feel self important simply because they are in that establishment.

Eggplant is nearly walking distance from my house so I have frequented it a lot, and I can easily say that I’ve never had a bad meal. A nice little touch is the complimentary little dish of cucumber with their house made sesame sauce right when you sit down. In the highly competitive sushi market of Los Angeles, Eggplant in my book earns five stars for food, variety, taste, quality, creativity, and all-around good vibes.
Eggplant is located at

11266 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA 91604-3135

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