Tari is a high level standing acrobat, hand balancer, intimacy coach and intimate acrobatics specialist.

Tari is extremely passionate about all styles of body movement and acrobatics. What makes him stand out however is his ability to both base and fly each skill in his repertoire, which gives him a rare ability to offer very specific types of coaching.  He is one of the few people who can handstand on almost anything and anyone and on almost any surface… elegantly.

Tari has trained and performed intensely under masters in each of their fields and specializes in hand to hand acrobatics.

As a world traveler he is constantly involved in bringing acrobatics to different parts of the world through television appearances, stunning photo shoots, workshops and private coaching.

Tari has also created the brand: Intimate Acro: a practice that teaches couple’s how to sensually and passionately deepen their connection through touch, trust and authentic connection while upside down or exploring upside down acrobatic feats.

Tari’s unique skill lies in his ability to demonstrate nearly everything that he can teach whether basing, flying or spotting while holding space for people to feel safe and vulnerable to share and grow. 

Tari’s intention is to deeply connect and uplift whomever he comes across with his coaching style and subject matter, calm soothing voice and skillset as a seasoned acrobat.

You can book Tari for coaching, Skype or FaceTime discussions or setup workshops anywhere in the world.




Tari has a robust resume of acrobatics and gymnastics and has devoted years of his life to this practice since 2009


2017 Trained and performed under 2 time World Champion Arthur Davis with AcroArmy


2016-2018 Masters Handstand and Masters Hand to Hand Acrobatic Training with master Jean Luc Martin


Tari has travelled the world for over two and a half years teaching acrobatics in countless different countries


Solar – 2014 – Van Nuys, CA
Lunar 2012 – Sherman Oaks CA
Solar 2011 – San Francisco CA
General 2011 – Oakland CA


2012 AcroYoga Certified Teacher Training –  – Ojai CA


Divine Play 2010 –  Oakland CA
Divine Play 2011 –  Fort Mason, San Francisco CA
Divine Play 2013-2017 – Portland, OR
Shakti Fest 2012 – 3 Days – Mojave CA
Liquid Land Water Therapy and Thai Massage – 4 Days – Chimulco, Guadalajara, Mexico
AcroGasm 2013, 3 Days –  San Diego
Advanced Instructor Divine Play 2014: Inlocate and Low to high Hand to Hand


Sarahpeutics 7 day Thai Massage Training – Los Angeles
Sarahpeutics 5 day Thai Massage Training – Los Angeles
Five Element 7 Day Thai Training – Los Angeles
Day Long plus 2 Additional Half Day Trainings with Arno L’Hermitte
Bodywork Training with Jennifer Yarro
Bodywork Training with Alison Winchester


Cairo Caravan – Queen Mary 2011 & 2012 – Live Stage Show
Jeckyl & Hyde – Moorpark – 2010 – Live performance
Boardners Hollywood – 2011 – Live Stage show
Once Upon a Dream – Hollywood – 2010 – Live Stage Show
Froggy’s Topanga – 2011 – Live Stage Show
Hansel and Grettel – 2010 – Live performance
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza – 2009 – Live performance
Private Malibu Mansion House – 2011 – Live Oceanside performance
Duplex on Third – 2012 Red Carpet Fashion Gala for Designer Shail K
Domestic Goddess Rock the Pole, 2013, Various Performances
Westlake Magazine 21st Anniversary Performance Nov, 2013
LuluLemon Athletica 2011-Present: Store Openings, Demos, Events
DSTLD Denim Bar Opening  Acro Duo Performance – May 2014


Hundreds of hours of training individual clients privately
Intermediate AcroYoga Training with Lara, Sonia, Sarah and Sarah
Private Gymnastics and Movement Training with Ido Portal – Los Angeles
Private Gymnastics and Body Strength Training – Johnny JSap Sapinoso
Hundreds of hours of acrobatic training at Original Muscle Bach on the AcroGreen, Santa Monica


Private training with AcroYoga founders Jenny and Jason
Private Thai Massage Training with Sarah Yovovich
Private Handstand courses with master hand balancer Lu Yi
Private Training / Coaching with Cirque du Soleil performers


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