New Family Discovers AcroYoga


“I feel it incredibly necessary to thank you for sharing your acrobatic world with us. You have made a massive impact on our world. I am completely enamored with the activities from last night and cannot wait to do it again and I felt like you should know. It’s a life changing impact.

My eleven year old daughter at first was very uncomfortable and nervous but after playing with you she talked about it ALL evening! She is hooked. I could not be more pleased and I am not easily fascinated with new activities. I am proud that I based too! Short lived but I did it! Thank you for bringing something so incredibly wonderful into our lives. Everyone should try this!” 

I received this truly incredible testimonial shortly after sharing a little AcroYoga with a couple new friends. I am so touched by the effect this practice can have on us and how quickly it happens.

We are so lucky to have something we carry with us all the time that we can share with others to uplift them. Something that (almost always) leaves them feeling better off as a result and creates lasting memories. What a pleasure to know that the basics can and always will be so powerful to someone stepping in to acrobatics with fresh eyes. ‪#‎wearelucky‬ ‪#‎weareblessed‬

Namastache: Daniel Scott

Last week world renowned AcroYoga teacher Daniel Scott and I collaborated on a training video to transition from Front Bird to Reverse Star and we think it came out pretty darn good.  Daniel, also known as the Washing Machine Repair Man is the man to see when you’re Acro skills are in need of a tune up. He taught two, three hour workshops at the Valley’s underground acrobatic training center JJ’s Gym as well as a Friday Class which I assisted at our Westside location: Laughing Frog Yoga.

Daniel is someone I trust.  He is able to articulate with his feet what most cannot do with their hands or even mouth.  He brings both humor yet serious training ethic to his practice. Having personally spent “off the runway” time with Daniel, I know he takes our art and practice seriously. With several years of experience, Daniel can base you or fly you in just about anything and I feel completely safe with him even when exploring high level acrobatic transitions. He’s able to communicate to you directly using fingers, toes and voice – a skill that is rare in this field, so that when you’re upside down you can understand clearly what needs to be done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone at any level to take his class or work with him privately if you are interested in deepening your AcroYoga practice.

You can follow Daniel and his mustache at and read his blog entry about this video here:

Daniel Writes:

Here are some helpful progressions to optimize your Acroyoga training by improving the flying and basing of REVERSE STAR. Start off by getting really smooth and comfortable with mounts and dismounts from Bird. Flyers, try closing them eyes. Bases, start tracking those hips with laser precision. Keep churning until that butter is velvety.

Start working the shared resistance with some Bird Droppings– moving from Bird to Folded Leaf and back again. Keep awareness in the hand grip connection. Flyers, keep straight elbows so you shoulders become pivot points for the Base’s upward leverage.

Move on to tapping shoulders and creating space as the Flyer folds down into the Base’s feet. Flyers, devlop proprioceptive acuity by maintaining a pike with one half of your lower body. Don’t know what that means? Ask me ;)

When you finally make the move for Reverse Star, fight the urge to immediately press to high by extending the legs, Bases. Cultivate balance, strength, and sensitivity with those bent knees. Flyers, you’re going to have to work on your own sense of balance while that happens. Again, bring awareness into the shared hand connection to make this more yummy.

Flyers, work on keeping your hips over your shoulders over your base’s hips. Bases, try to honor and maintain that line while pouring weight upward into your Flyer’s receptive and compassionate resistance. Don’t know that that means, either? ASK ME ;)

Remember to have spotting when playing at home. Safety is of the highest importance, so don’t skimp on the good stuff.

Big Flying thanks to Tari Manello from That man is a gentleman, a scholar, and a damn fine human being– not to mention a knowledgeable AcroYoga teacher. If you are ever in LA, make a point to find him. He is not to be missed.

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Free People

AcroYoga LA was invited to do an event with the clothing company Free People so Tari, Yovo, Sarah Y and Casey headed down to Space15 Twenty in Hollywood to help them celebrate. You can get in on some of the action in this two minute video clip from this post.  We had a fantastic little rug not much bigger than Aladdin’s magic carpet and were still able to do some magic of our own.  A few playful girls, dressed in full evening attire even decided to take flight and had their first AcroYoga experience.

Nothing delights me more than taking someone up for their first time. The deep meditative space they drop into when they finally just let go upside down, the look of delight on their face and sheer wonder when they finally land, the 5 minute adjustment period necessary to come back to reality and get grounded… I just love it.

So for the better part of 90 minutes we flipped, posed, played and executed hand to hand on our blanket while people drank and were merry.  A DJ spun, a band also played live music, there was great shopping and of course a quintessential taco truck was there to feed the crowd. The event was organized by Jessica Baldy who put the whole things together with ease and grace.  We reached capacity of 250 around 8:00pm, but luckily as people were coming and going we were able to let more people in.  We estimated about 275-300 people attended this fantastic little event!


Instagram: You can find hundreds of the pics on instagram at #FPLovesLA. Feel free to regram!

You can also like the Facebook page and checkout more photos from the event here: Free People Facebook event

Source: Recap: Our FP Loves LA Event! | Free People Blog



Lululemon on Robertson


This Photo has it all. A fantastic view of Robertson Boulevard, people watching, and some  beautiful therapeutic flying in reverse bow!  I brought my best friend Darius and Ariana Gradeu with me to help get the day started right with some AcroYoga near Beverly Hills at Lululemon on Robertson.

What began as a small demonstration quickly turned into a full-fledged event with families, small children, employees and everybody hopping on for a quick flight. This was a very memorable day and I’m looking forward to bringing AcroYoga to the entire staff one day soon.

Lululemon clothing for me personally goes perfectly with the practice. The fact that the clothing is so light and stretchy allows me to move in all directions and the fact that it breeds makes it even better.

Lululemon Studio City

Lululemon Studio City

The Studio City Lululemon girls are located in my hometown so I couldn’t pass up taking them up on their first flight. The floor is immaculate, smiles abound and guests always get curious about what we’re doing and want to hop on!

Acro and Lulu seem to go hand in hand because though not required, most people there are in to yoga and are very body aware so it makes taking a quick flight easy to do. Enjoy a living vicariously through these photos as we demo Low Flying Whale, Throne, Pashi and an unforgettable lower back traction.

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