Lululemon Pasadena


On August 1 2013, my Acro partner Miyoko and I were asked to do a store window demonstration at the Lululemon in Pasadena!  As you can see, space was extremely tight yet we somehow managed to squeeze everything in just fine. With a glass window to our left, a cash register and staff to our right and walls in front and behind us it really pushed the limits for what was possible. We’re making a video about it and we’d love to share it as soon as it’s available.

We flew a few staff members, a few children and even a girl who was so excited about Acro that she wanted to include us in her family Christmas card!

For me personally Lululemon is now my preferred athletic attire for bottoms whenever I do Acro. The slim waistbands with no excess materials, the lightness, and the design all makes it very easy for me to get upside down!

Free People

Free People Tari

On Wednesday, August 7, 2013, Free People Clothing organized an event at space 15 Twenty in Hollywood and asked myself and the Los Angeles AcroYoga teachers – Casey Stroud, Sonia Peltzer and Sarah Yovovich – to come perform and demonstrate some tasty moves. So for the better part of 90 minutes we flipped, posed, played and executed hand to hand on a tiny 5×10 blanket while people drank and were merry.  A DJ spun, a band also played live music, there was great shopping and of course a quintessential taco truck was present. The event was organized by Jessica Baldy who put the whole things together with ease and grace.  We reached capacity of 250 around 8:00pm, but luckily as people were coming and going we were able to let more people in.  We estimated about 275-300 people attended this fantastic little event!


Instagram: You can find hundreds of the pics on instagram at #FPLovesLA. Feel free to regram!

You can also like the Facebook page and checkout more photos from the event here: Free People Facebook event

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Smashbox Studios


Los Angeles Based AcroYogis come together for a celebrity art showing and benefit in Los Angeles at Smashbox Studios


But the night wouldn’t be complete without AcroYoga on the red carpet! Two flyers sit in Throne, while Tari and Marisa Mendez fly Star.

The Iceman Cometh

Tari Malibu

What kind of thoughts come to your mind when you think of swimming in the Ocean? Most of us get a chilly ripple down our spine just thinking of it. It’s a bittersweet relationship we have to one of the greatest gifts on the earth.  No one can deny its beauty and it’s ability to sooth and even excite you.  Living in Southern California it’s a luxury not many get to enjoy but she’s also a bit of a tease, because, let’s face it, who wants to hop into 40 degree water?  I am not a fan of cold water and I don’t know anyone who is, but I adore the ocean and adore being in nature. In fact, there’s nothing I enjoy more in life than being in a tropical location, the sun beaming down onto me, and swimming inside clear, warm tropical waters with fish and turtles swimming beneath me. Not so much the case in Santa Monica or Malibu.

Several years ago I overcame a large fear I didn’t know I had: Walking on fire atop raking hot coals.  I had done one of Anthony Robbins live seminars called Unleash the Power Within, and it was life changing.   So, when the moment came to pull up my pants, take off my shoes and walk across 2000 degree coals, I did so successfully without a burn or blister.  Fast forward a few years and my friend Olaf tells me about the Iceman, a mature man who lives in Europe who can successfully regulate his own body temperature with his breath, and as such, can sit in ice or ice water for two hours.  He holds the world record.

My friend Olaf, being a Chi Gong master and, and master of many things spiritual, took a keen interest and invited the “Iceman” out to Los Angeles to do a seminar on the secrets of doing what he does. This is also a man who ran a marathon barefoot in the Sahara desert with no water.  He’s amazing. And he stayed at my house for a few nights.

During the seminar, and after a few hours of breathing practices we had to put our skills to the test. A bathtub stood outside and in it, several hundred pounds of ice cubes. Our job as students was to climb in, sit up to our neck in ice, and breathe deeply.  I remember not being terribly nervous about it but also disgusted with myself that I had put myself in this situation – what was I thinking?

It didn’t help that attractive women were hopping in in their bikinis and making the most indulgent faces as though they were receiving some sort of euphoric pleasure from the ice itself.  After several men that needed to be first went in, it was finally my turn.  Ready, set, go! I wanted to get it over quickly but the idea was not to rush. I climbed in, pushed the ice all the way up to my neck and began to deeply breathe.  I’m not going to lie, I found the experience challenging, but there I was turning into a human popsicle with the Iceman giving words of encouragement alongside us. Not only that, but everyone there, roughly 40 of us, were all standing around the tub watching.

Now the lessons that come from something like this run far deeper than just a shock factor experience. It taught me a lot about myself and both how capable I was but also how much I could grow.  And it wasn’t over yet. The next day, we had to go to the ocean – and of course it was a cold, dark and overcast day. In fact it wasn’t even a pleasant day to be standing on the beach at all even in a wool jacket and pants. But there we all were, most of us, in our bathing suits preparing to practice our breathing exercises inside the freezing cold ocean._DSC0157

And we did. In and out we went. Swimming all the way in the ocean then back out on the sand for deep breathing practices. Then back in again, then back out. Quite an amazing experience.  Many of us began to shiver strongly after about 10 minutes of being out of the water and we used our breathing to bring us back to normal.  It was truly an amazing experience.

I share this story because since then, I have made the cold Pacific Ocean my friend.  Probably that Winter, Spring and this last Summer that followed, I was in the ocean 15 more times and guess what? It was absolutely amazing!!! Yes, cold sometimes but amazing!

There is nothing like the power of the ocean to literally wash away all of your concerns. Nothing brings you more to a zero point awareness than being in an ocean.  It’s a gift you just can’t get anywhere else, not even in a pool.  So while normally I am a man who appreciates comfort, I am so glad that I had these experiences. It has opened up a world to me that has changed my life forever.

Burlesque AcroYoga Performance for Designer Shail K

Tari Mannello Shail K

On Thursday December 6th fashion Designer Shale K launched a collection of her gorgeous new line of formal dresses at Duplex on Third.  It was a formal event and part of the main celebration was a circle of 20 models walking and posing elegantly throughout the lounge.  Tari was invited to create an AcroYoga based performance piece as the main event.  He brought on his friend, dancer and choreographer SuzE Q and together they performed a special piece of art in the Burlesque meets AcroYoga theme. The results we’re amazing. Below is SuzE Q upside down in one of Shail K’s dresses being supported in “Floating Pashi” by Tari.  Amidst a crowd of over 100 people filling the lounge, confetti and smiles filled the room as they set the tone for the evening.

Tari Mannello and SuzE Q

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