Everyone would love to be able to do a handstand.  The art of being upside down – and staying put – is fascinating and provides endless opportunities to be creative with others and in nature.

Hand balancing requires extreme aerial awareness, an ability to micro manage movements and isolate your body so you can balance on the ground, on people or on hands.

Training the handstand helps you become more flexible, powerful, agile and more connected. It’s also helpful in getting more useful definition on your body.  Hand balancing demands your attention and personal best in strength, tension, flexibility and focus.

Unlocking this skill opens up an entire world of possibility:

  • Develop upper body and core strength you never knew you had
  • Learn to support others on top of you or overhead
  • Learn to stay calm and tight under tension
  • Tune into your body as you balance
  • Open your acrobatic ability to incredible new possibilities

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