Take romance to the next level

Blending the magic of your chemistry with acrobatics is an incredible combination

Learn to:

Build trust and confidence with your partner

Tone and build strength while exploring each other intimately

Make your partner safe and like s/he can trust you

Communicate lovingly and respectfully

Honor boundaries and setup clear communication

Read and understand your partners body language




This has been an area of peak interest for almost everyone who tries it.  It takes healing, touch, intimacy, trust and communication and wraps it all up into one embodied experience. It’s nourishing, it feels fantastic and has no negative side effects.

This type of healing just works.

But you’ve got to learn the right techniques to keep your partner suspended upside down on top of you!

Receiving Therapeutic Flying treatments from your partner with connected touch influences and restores the nervous system so quickly that you can immediately release tension, drop in fully and let go of all resistance.

When you combine the closeness of therapeutic flying with a partner that you care about or want to deepen your connection with, everything changes. The depth of feeling, appreciation and nurturing from this art takes on an entirely different dimension when you do it with someone who has great chemistry with you.

Side effects include feeling intoxicated with deep relaxation, happiness and feeling nourished as though you’ve just come out of a long deep sleep.


Grounding is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit but do you really know what it means?

Most of us spend our entire lives in our head. We are too flighty. We run from place to place, rushing everywhere, buried in our phones, lost in thought and mindlessly going from work, to driving, to eating to watching tv and going to bed.

Feeling ground opens a new reality for living. You’re the same person but your experience and peoples experience of you completely changes for the better. Grounding can be done through meditation, getting into nature, and even through martial arts but where it really gets fun is during couple’s Thai Massage sessions.

It’s hard to accurately put into words how good you can feel during and after an authentic Thai massage experience. It’s intoxicating, it’s deeply relaxing and it’s heavenly.

Doing this kind of partner work teaches you how to lengthen, stretch, decompress and traction your partner in ways they never dreamed possible.  And as a bonus, almost no matter what your size difference may be, you can learn how to give back.


Of course if you’re looking for something new, fun and challenging to with your lover, partner acrobatics and inversions can be an thrilling way to get closer with someone, without the sensual or intimate aspect to it.  This type of coaching and training is always available to you as well.





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