“I have yet to find another physical treatment on the planet that has a more profound effects of deep relaxation and nourishment on the body as connected touch and authentic intimacy.”  Receiving Therapeutic Flying session using connected touch influences and restores the nervous system so quickly that you can immediately release tension and resistance, drop in fully and let go of all thoughts, virtually  from the very first touch.  This work addresses the whole body but the real magic comes from the givers intention to transmit loving kindness, warmth and a genuine interest in holding a clean space for your partners body to shift and restore.

Intimacy, the art of love, the gift of presence, the power of touch. When you combine the closeness of AcroYoga therapeutic flying with a partner that you care about or want to deepen your connection with, everything changes. The depth of feeling, appreciation and nurturing as a man or woman that you can feel from this art takes on an entirely different dimension.

Tari has decades of experience with intimacy, touch, and connection and studied under world renowned masters in the field from all over the world.  He has spent a great deal of time both giving and receiving bodywork to fully embody the practice fully.  He simply knows what feels good and knows how to touch profoundly to make your body melt into the floor. If you are interested in learning how to be more intimate with your partner, rekindle connection, explore touch, learn what feels good, discover secret Thai massage techniques or flying therapeutics, one session will teach you how to  lengthen, stretch, decompress and traction your love in ways they never dreamed possible.  Tari will even show you how to take your partner in the up in the air for the coziest first class flight imaginable.  You’ll walk away intoxicated with deep relaxation, as though you’ve just come out of a long deep sleep.



The best way to learn is to bring someone you want to work with so Tari can coach, teach and demonstrate on you and with you while you work hands on with your partner.  He will create custom tailored experiences that allows you both to give and receive the intimacy and nourishing touch fully both on the ground and in the air.  What does coming with someone you care about do?  It allows you to experience a relaxing and nourishing gift for yourself, teaches you a new skill set you will have forever by embodying it yourself AND allows you to get clear on what really feels good to you and your partner by learning how to ask for what you want and how to give fully.  Click here to book a session.


“This has been a nonstop area of interest for me. It takes healing, connected touch, intimacy, trust and communication and wraps it up into one full embodied experience. It’s nourishing, feels fantastic and has no negative side effects. I continue to pour my energy into the art of Intimacy and Flying Therapeutics as a student, teacher and expert and currently have over 400 plus hours of training in this modality.  This type of bodywork just works and it’s an honor for me to share it with you.”


Lunar 2012 – Sherman Oaks CA, 5 Days
Solar 2011 – San Francisco CA, 5 Days
General 2011 – Oakland CA, 5 Days


AcroYoga Certified Teacher


Divine Play 2010 –  3 Days – Oakland CA
Divine Play 2011 –  3 Days – Fort Mason, San Francisco CA
Divine Play 2013 –  3 Days  – Portland, OR
Shakti Fest 2012 – 3 Days – Mojave CA
Liquid Land Water Therapy and Thai Massage – 4 days – Chimulco, Guadalajara Mexico
AcroGasm 2013, 3 Days –  San Diego


Sarahpeutics 7 day Thai Massage Training – Los Angeles
Sarahpeutics 5 day Thai Massage Training – 2012 Los Angeles
Sarahpeutics 2 day Five Element Thai Massage Training – June 2013
Five Element 7 Day Advanced Chinese Medicine and Thai Training – Los Angeles – January 2013
3 Day Training with Master Arno L’Hermitte – October 2012
Bodywork Training with Jennifer Yarro – October 2010
Bodywork Training with Alison WInchester – September 2011


Private training with AcroYoga founders Jenny and Jason
Private Thai Massage Training with Sarah Yovovich and Sonia Pelzer
Private Handstand courses with master hand balancer Lu Yi
Private Training with Cirque du Soleil performers


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