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Parter Acrobatics session for 1-3 people. Build trust, confidence, connection and have the most fun you’ve ever had doing it.

Through verbal and non verbal communication, I’m excited to help you and your partner discover new ways to move, connect and train. Learn amazing static yoga poses in the air, transitions, sequences that spin around and around. Tone your body, work your stabilizing muscles, legs arms and core. Refine your balance and surprise yourself with your ability to fly or keep someone in the air.

Whether you want to base, spot, fly or all of the above, I will give you the tools, exercises, games, poses and touch you need to become a better acrobat or acroyogi.


Together, we’ll build up your ability to do acrobatics at a pace that is comfortable and challenging for you.  Body awareness will come quickly within yourself and your partner and you will quickly go from struggle to ease.   We can train strength and balance or we can train therapeutically for relaxation and healing.  Maybe you’d like to perform what you learn?  Performance  and choreography is also a specialty.

And like so many, I can’t wait to hear you say, “I’m hooked! I’m addicted! And I did so much more than I thought I could…”



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