Elements of AcroYoga: New Manual


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The newest edition of the AcroYoga Manual explores in great detail the key foundational concepts of AcroYoga: acrobatic training techniques; step-by-step inversion methodology; refined Thai Massage sequences; improved and expanded therapeutic flying sequences; new acrobatic positions & step by step transitions; in-depth philosophical and conceptual training tools and much more! Explore the full spectrum of the practice with detailed explanations and visual representations. These fundamental elements constitute the heart of AcroYoga and should be practiced by newcomers and the highest level practitioners alike.

ELEMENTS OF ACROYOGA includes 140+ pages with full color pictures and detailed descriptions.

Topics Covered:
History of AcroYoga
Sadhana – The Practice
Partner Yoga Flows
Language & Vocabulary of AcroYoga
Lunar Practices
Lunar Asana
Thai Massage Methods
Therapeutic Flying levels
Solar Practices
Solar Asana
Inversions & Spotting Positions
Foundational Acrobatics
Partner Inversions
Standing Counter Balances
Hand Balancing Pyramids

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