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Couple’s Intimate Acro


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An Intimate Acrobatic Therapeutic Massage experience for you and your partner.

There is nothing like else like this in the world.

Use our entire body to, lift, float, massage, bend and twist your partner’s to help them feel incredible sensations.

Learn to:

  • Help your partner deeply relax
  • Ask for what you need
  • Receive authentically
  • Be touched, massaged or flown in a way that your body feels safe

During your session we’ll create a custom tailored experience to lengthen, stretch, loosen and traction and optionally excite your partner.

If your body types are compatible, you will also learn to switch roles so both people can receive. No matter what your body type is however, everyone is capable of giving and receiving this art from.

Please arrive in comfortable loose fitting clothes and little or no makeup.

Private one on one massage treatments are not offered. This is coaching and training for you and your partner to learn together


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