A week ago I was standing in my backyard feeling like I would never use it. It is effectively a concrete slab, a planter, and a big square dirt area with patches of Mondo grass that never seem to grow. Of all things there happens to be a stage or the semblance of one made out of concrete as well. I’m not really sure what’s supposed to go here though my friends and I have mustered up some great ideas: belly dancers, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, chairs to look out at the city et cetera. However the fact remains that I felt like my backyard was completely useless for several reasons. First, it’s always cold and shady back there and who wants to sit on concrete in a cold and shady area. Two its small and there’s just nothing to really do except look at the beautiful untouched bit of nature I’ve got growing back there. Not that theres anything wrong with that.

Then one day my friends surprised me by installing a tight rope, or what these days is called a slack line from one end of the stage to the metal railing of the balcony. It’s changed everything for me and suddenly made my backyard feel useful. Suddenly I was full of inspiration. On a whim one day I felt an enormous surge and impulse… Very important wording here… To purchase and put a large outdoor trampoline over the cold concrete slab sitting between the house and ivy covered retaining wall that adorned the back. I took measurements, and by this I mean I walked it with my feet, and then immediately went inside to read reviews on outdoor trampolines.

I quickly discovered that there has been a new invention called a spring free trampoline- the world’s safest trampoline made by a company aptly called Spring Free. In a nutshell, it uses fiberglass rods rather than springs, and locates them along with the metal frame well underneath the trampoline so that the jumper never actually comes in contact with anything other than the mat and the protective net that is wrapped all the way around the trampoline. Vertical flexible rods keep the net in place, and literally push wayward bouncers right back into the middle of the trampoline or catch them at the bottom without allowing them to fall out or hit the ground.

This trampoline is one of the most inspiring inventions and ingenious creations as seen in quite some time. Someone clearly sat down and rethought the whole process and improved on something that desperately needed improvement since its inception. Even the 90 something rods better under high amounts of tension and snaps directly into the mat, are protected should one ever fall out of the socket and go shooting out, as the entire net wraps around the one place that can happen. With the spring free trampoline, gone are the days of injury, landing on a spring, getting your leg or other body parts stuck between the springs, or hitting the metal base.

I have always dreamed of owning or having regular access to my own outdoor trampoline, but space and certainly the dangers of owning one have always outweighed that desire. Not the case anymore. So what did I do? I did a quick search on craigslist and discovered a lady happens to be selling the most popular, springy, and best trampoline made by Spring Free. She had wanted by being a guest on the Ellen show over the holiday season, but because she lives in apartment you couldn’t use it. I picked up the brand-new trampoline from her inboxes, came home and assembled it, with my best friends, without even taking measurements. It fit with in a millimeter of extra space between the wall and house. Inside I knew it would work. It simply had to
And instinct never steers me wrong.

It’s hard to explain with words or even photographs, the joy, bliss and childlike wonder that comes from owning such a contraption. I want to strongly advocate that anyone, with any interest in being physically healthy and enjoys feeling pleasure, purchase one of these at once and install it in your backyard. Imagine walking out your door, and stepping in to a totally safe super springy surface that allows you to play like your three again and exercise the same time. NASA has conducted a study and has found that only 10 minutes of trampoline jumping is equivalent to 33 minutes of other cardiovascular exercise, such as running.

As a person who loves to be upside down, I am probably on this thing 10 times a day. It’s a shame that it is raining as I’m writing this for us I would probably be on their blogging right now. Blogging and jumping.

You can google the benefits of jumping on trampoline, but this seems like one of the few activities in the world that has nothing but benefits and no negative side effects, especially since this trampoline has virtually eliminated the possibility of getting hurt. There’s one zipper to get in and out of the trampoline itself and then you are completely enclosed on all sides by the protective net. The mat itself is so soft, but you can’t get any burns or abrasions from landing were scraping against it. It is truly out of this world.

The spring free S113 trampoline retails for $1800 and can be purchased directly from www.Springfree.com or through an authorized retailer.

I think that few people will disagree that nothing is more enjoyable than feeling pleasure enjoy in yourself and seeing it in others, especially friends and loved ones. Over 20 people have been over this last week to play on this trampoline, and every single one, without exception, the moment they step inside have such an elated expression on their face that it pleases me to no end.
Yes, it is true, you can actually buy happiness, and it comes in the form of the Spring Free trampoline

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