It’s common to hear phrases like, “The best sushi in LA” or “You should go see my Dr. He’s the best!” “This attorney is the best attorney in California…” “Best actor,” “Best set of heels…” If you give it more than a moment of thought, one could never quantify what is the best for anybody other than themselves. I think we share common agreement on great places, people and things however it is always subject to opinion and always subject to what is active in a persons field of desires at that moment in time. So I recognize that when I’m going to issue recommendations about doing the best things in Los Angeles or in the world, this is largely dependent on my personal opinion.

That’s said I do feel like quite the collector of peak experiences, and the feedback I have got from friends and family that I’ve about these peak experiences is also an alignment with feeling like the best for them as well. So while you certainly have the option to take my opinions, as with anyone else’s, with a grain of salt, I’m still going to strongly recommend you trust me on these recommendations, they come from a good place.

So what’s the best dance class Los Angeles? Wait no longer, it is with Kennis Marquis at Debbie Reynolds dance studio in North Hollywood. This man has the most profound understanding of grooves and movement that I have ever encountered. For more information on grooves, something that every human being should be aware about, see my article on grooves here.

Why do you want to take this class? Because whenever you learn a new skill, there is so much going on that you’re not aware of. Are you taking with the right teacher? Does this teacher resonate with you? Is he an outstanding performer or does he have an outstanding ability for what you want to learn or is he horrible teacher? Can this person communicate in such a way with body language and words that you actually learn the material? Would you like to learn something that would normally take several years in a period of several months? Do you feel safe with your teacher, does he or she help you feel confident? All of these questions are things that we either consider don’t consider on an unconscious level. I think they’re worth asking ourselves before pursuing any endeavor.

For me, the practical application of learning is very, very important. I want to learn as quickly as humanly possible, from a master who is the best at what he does in his field, in a way that I feel supported and strong and capable along the way, and in a way that is fine and quickly for me to learn. The nice thing about that tall order, is that if I just intend to learn that way, and I have excitement around and desire to learn that subject, then the universe will open up easily for me and deliver me the tools necessary to do so.

So, I want to learn from the best. And the best for me means someone who can teach me quickly, effectively, playfully, in a way that I hear and understand, at a cost that I feel is affordable and worthwhile, they can help transform me into the man that I want to be. In the world of hip-hop, body movement, body language, R&B, and various other styles of dance, Kennis Marquis is the man for this job.

I have been training with him for a handful of months, and after only a couple hours in his presence I have noticed such a rapid acceleration of learning, skill, and just “getting it” that it even makes my own head spin. Years of dancing, different classes, different teachers, exploring, trying, desiring… And it finally all makes sense with Kennis.

Naturally he’s also got the celebrity resume to back it up. He is worked with Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, P Diddy, Ciara and Britney Spears… Just to name a few. Kennis works and he gets people work… What more could you ask for? Even as a novice dancer looking to simply improve your skill, there is one fundamental skill that is so elusive and that no one teaches but is so obvious. And that is the art and science of grooves.

His grooves class on Saturdays at 2:30 will rock your world. It will give you after only a few short weeks, a command of your body that you never dreamed possible. It will help you understand rhythm, sex appeal, body language, staying on beat, grooving, and most importantly help you feel confident as a dancer or someone who wants to dance and be comfortable in your own body.
Don’t sleep on this one.

Every two weeks, your host Tari takes you on an imitate journey.  You can work privately with Tari by getting Closeness Coaching.

Couple’s yoga and AcroYoga instruction as well as lifestyle redesign available upon request. 


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