I think Britney Spears said it best: “There’s only two types of people in the world, the ones that entertain, and the ones that observe…”

I think it’s also safe to assume, that almost everybody fits somewhere in here:

1. Those who can dance and love to dance
2 Those who think they can dance and love to dance
3 Those who can’t dance but wish, even if secretly, that they could dance, to at the very least their favorite music.

For some it’s swing in ballroom, for others they are feisty Salcedo’s or enjoy some Latin beats, others still love the grind of hard-hitting hip-hop, and of course we have our New Age friends who insist upon a free-flowing hodgepodge random frenetic movement. Whatever your relationship is to dancing, I believe inherently that everyone either enjoys it or wishes they could do it.

Interestingly, at some point in our lives, usually from three onwards, we find ourselves a situation such as a wedding, a party, or a get together, where we are required to move our bodies. I think for most of us, this is got to be a very strange and unusual experience. For some, depending on your age, it might’ve even been a terrifying one. You look around, and you see a very interesting mix: those were flailing about to give you the feeling that you would want to be caught dead looking like them, those who know what they’re doing, and make you feel completely inept, does he play cool against the wall, those were just shaking her by little bit… What is one to do?

Where does one actually learn how to dance proficiently? Your instinctual answer might be the dance studio. And certainly there are those who’ve been putting Dancence the age of three or six, who can dance circles around us. For the most part however it seems as though almost all classically trained dancers, while they’re able to give a breathtaking performance on the stage, still feel reticent to shaker but on the dance floor. In fact I would say most people, classically trained, train down the street, train it home by family, not trained, or just a free-flowing type person feel some sort of apprehension at the idea of moving your body to music in a public place.
All R&B and hip-hop music today for instance absolutely insists on drinking several shots of Patrone before the party actually gets started.
But where does one actually learn the skill to successfully, comfortably and attractively move on the dance floor in a way that is appealing to oneself and others? Where do you learn to groove.

This is actually a very elusive question. I for one and seen many people take dance classes for years, myself one of them, and still feel relatively unsuccessful at being able to always move well in a social setting.
There are countless different styles of dance, and countless ways to execute each of them as well as an entire new chapter of dance called freestyle which basically means do whatever the hell you want to do. We are all drawn to different types of dance, my personal taste steers clear of modern, ballet, and Jazz, and has a heavy emphasis towards pop and hip-hop. Don’t ask me why, it’s always been something that moves me. Maybe it’s the beat, the sexual overtones, and the wages feels like it you’ve got to move. I won’t say that it’s my favorite type of music to listen to, but when it comes to dancing, I feel very few types of music are actually appropriate for moving your body. African, pop, and hip-hop, and R&B all seem to fall into the category of music that has a beat, that is inspiring to dance to.

Every two weeks, your host Tari takes you on an imitate journey.  You can work privately with Tari by getting Closeness Coaching.

Couple’s yoga and AcroYoga instruction as well as lifestyle redesign available upon request. 


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