Sarahpeutics: Thai Massage and Chinese Medicine

Allow me to introduce you to two of LA’s best kept secrets: Sarah and Sarah.  By themselves they comprise much of LA’s AcroYoga teacher community and together they fuse their talents of Thai Massage and Chinese Medicine together to form

Sarahpeutics.  This duo of powerful women are largely responsible for a good portion of the knowledge I personally possess on these two subjects and I have been training with them for several years now.  In January 2013, I completed their advanced Thai Massage and and 5 Element Chinese Medicine Training. It was a seven day course that sought to fuse the lineage of two powerful healing practices.  They did this rather effortlessly.  When I think of studying Chinese Medicine- I imagine years and years of training and studying to become proficient. Books, history, anatomy and massive amounts of memorization and intuitive work.  And while I wouldn’t pretend that a 7 day course could miraculously turn us into masters on the subject, the material was presented in such a way that was highly accessible and digestible and retainable. It laid a solid foundation and groundwork for our practice in a way I hadn’t experienced before.  Naturally the partner work, therapeutic acrobatics and Thai Massage were all very hands on, but to my surprise, the Chinese Medicine was as well.  Rather than study a book chock full of charts and graphs, we traced the meridians on our own bodies and use sticky dots to give us a visual representation of them.

Each day we focused on one of the Elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, Earth, and performed corresponding Thai massage techniques on or along the actual meridians. This was very powerful, this fusion of these two systems. I couldn’t believe how well it was presented and how it kept my attention day after day.

My history with The Sarahs is lengthy. I have learned from them, studied with them, trained with them, co-taught with them, taken privates with them and so forth.  Every single encounter is not without massive growth and wisdom.  If you are looking to deepen your practice of self love, nourishment, healing, connected touch, bodywork, Chinese Medicine, Thai Massage, then these are your ladies.

There’s a massive difference between going down to your local Thai massage parlor versus the way our community does it here in LA. There’s a palpable feeling of love.  All of us here who have trained in Thai Massage and therapeutics love what we do and are enthusiastic about sharing our gifts.  I would strongly recommend seeeking The Sarahs or myself, Casey or Sonia out for any type of healing body  that is calling out to you.  Whether it’s a workshop, a retreat, a full on training or just a class, there is powerful healing value here for you.

The Sarahs are people I trust.

The Sarahs can be reached online on their joint website:

or by calling Sarah Yovovich (Brunette) at: (773) 817-0518  and Sarah Vosen (Blonde) at (310) 883-8196

Every two weeks, your host Tari takes you on an imitate journey.  You can work privately with Tari by getting Closeness Coaching.

Couple’s yoga and AcroYoga instruction as well as lifestyle redesign available upon request. 


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