Mid August 2014. This month marks the one year anniversary of my standing Sports Acro and Acrobatic Gymnastics practice! Prior to August, I had only ever done AcroYoga or L-basing. But I remember the defining moment clearly. Diane Klein – the woman who is single handedly responsible for opening countless doors for me, called me over and told me to do my first standing hand to hand with a girl named Cassie Cutler. Now, I had seen it. I had fantasized about it. I had one go at flying it with Jason Nemer, but basing it? What with my total standing acro practice at zero, I didn’t think I was ready. But here was Diane who does have “the eye” for such things, insisting I would be just fine. Cassie climbed up and jumped in. And, sure enough, thanks to her, it worked! From this moment, a passion that teetered on the verge of obsession was born.

Well, soon came my first “official” visit to JJ’s gym on an acro night and Diane Klein put me in front of David Floyd, the man I “must” meet if I am ever to become anything in the sports Acro department. A signature pillowy hand reached out to greet me and I was lofted onto his shoulders quickly and effectively. “K ready?”

Up we went!! Somewhat effortlessly he put me in the air and despite any true know-how on my end, I was handstanding in another human being’s hands. I watched, I absorbed, smiled and obsessed. And rather suddenly, my Tuesdays and Sundays became permanently unavailable. Today, the things I am able to do with David and other friends take my breath away.

In two short months, Elegant Acro was born and I too began to host events where more acro could be practiced by my friends and all those around me with a good heart. I safely can say that some of the best moments of my life, have been basing, spotting and flying with all of my friends.

Today, I give a lot of thought to the idea that one year ago, this art was like a foreign language to me. I couldn’t speak it. But without knowing it, I was CAPABLE of it. It just had to be unlocked. What else are we capable of, that we can unlock within ourselves, but we don’t even know it yet? Through inspiration, dedication, and quite frankly busting my ass several times per week, the tricks came rather quickly.

But what it took was people outside of myself, SHOWING me how. I’m so appreciative to those who saw things in me that I did not know were possible, those who trusted me, who trained me, who were willing to climb on my shoulder and whom continue to work with me today. To anyone who has based me or had me base you, THANK YOU truly for touching my life.

Perhaps to some, 600 photos on Facebook of my friends and I in a handstand on someone else is… Excessive. But for me, or even us really, it serves to record each new breakthrough. A new trick, or tighter body, or head finally in the right place or a position that we can finally hold and make it look EASY.

I LOVE being there when someone gets a new trick and that feeling of delight washes over their face: eyes wide, pupils dilated, and time for a celebration. success, happiness, growth and expansion are the nectar of life.

Our community has helped me realize that we can’t be or become who we are without the interconnectedness of others. Without their help, love and support to challenge us, and in some cases prod us forward, we stand still. In our world, there are no solo endeavors. A flyer is nothing without an extraordinary base. And, though to a lesser degree, vice versa. And there is no progression without a very talented spotter. It’s about we.. us… and we’re all in it together.

So here’s to another year, decade or lifetime of more friends, more connection, more play and more acro! And who knows, maybe one day, a one arm high hand to hand! After seeing our nations most ELITE acrobats (shown below playing with me)… anything’s possible!

Every two weeks, your host Tari takes you on an imitate journey.  You can work privately with Tari by getting Closeness Coaching.

Couple’s yoga and AcroYoga instruction as well as lifestyle redesign available upon request. 


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