Movement. Freedom. Energy. Sizzling Sensuality. It is amazing how much can be expressed with body language. Body language conveys nearly everything you need to know about a person. The slightest tilt of the head or foot placement changes how you will perceive someone and their abilities. Through dance we learn to express the full range of our emotions. With a background in gymnastics and acrobatics, and pole, Tari has always been in touch with his body but dance has added an additional layer of expression, power and freedom. He is an urban and hip-hop dancer and can adapt to almost any style as he has spent years refining his skills and ability.  Below you’ll find a resume of Tari’s full dance training history and more.

You can book movement classes with Tari to fully explore the world of dance and movement in your own body.

From around 2000-2008 Tari pioneered the idea that a “Gym Class” could be so much more than a redundant and repetitive step aerobics class. He wanted to teach an authentic  dance class in a gym setting with choreography and mini routines.   Something that students would get excited about each week.  Over the years he has taught at Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, AmGym at AmGen, Angel City Fitness and also internationally in Italy.  Twice weekly Tari would bring a new dance routine to an excited class of students. The first class laid down fundamentals and the second class would build on what they learned in the first class. Classes included a warm up, step by step break down of the new choreography and then everyone would perform the created piece at the end of class.  The movies under the videos section entitled “Teaching” are a collection of the journey Tari took with his students.  Each student had learned the routine only 40 minutes prior in the same class so it was always an improvised and fresh performance!

Here’s how it all began:

To Read The Dance Story, and how it all started for Tari, click here


Kennis Marquis – Top Choreographer and Dancer
Shane Sparks – Top Choreographer and Dancer
Lorenzo Hannah & Dion – Top Choreographer and Dancer
Leslie Scott – Top Choreographer and Dancer
Lamesha Vine – Top Choreographer and Dancer


Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
Smashbox Studios – Art Opening Benefit
Jeckyl and Hyde – Moorpark – AcroYoga Dance
Contact Dance Performance – Italy
Domestic Goddess Studio – Calabasas – Pole / Acro Combinations
Hyatt Regency Hotel – Pole / Acro Cominations
Duplex – Los Angeles – Fashion Opening Acrobatics and Dance


Deep dive workshops with Cass Phelps. Countless master classes and grooves classes with Kennis Marquis, Shane Sparks and Sho-Tyme
Training with Dante7, Rob Rich, G Madison, Leslie Scott, Lamesha Vine, Super Dave, Kristin Lorello, Kevin Maher, Havic, Miss Prissy, Darien Henning, Teresa Espinoza, Nappy Tabs, Jason Wright, Wade Robson and more.


Zuri Allen Star – Better than Yesterday


Gymnastic skills and
Hand Balancing
Handstands on almost any object


Every two weeks, your host Tari takes you on an imitate journey.  You can work privately with Tari by getting Closeness Coaching.

Couple’s yoga and AcroYoga instruction as well as lifestyle redesign available upon request. 


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