Spring 2012 I put a new Ninja in my garage.  It was metallic black and silver and looked a little like a menacing insect.  I generally liked it, rode it regularly and thought it was fun.  Until my friend Rob pulled into my garage one day on his Ducati 1198.

I could heard him coming from a mile away.  And it wasn’t  some loud, obnoxious noise, it was a deep, growl, a low rumble that I felt in chest and in my soul! VOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Came the roar from down the street. VOOOM VOOOOOM!! Again, as he pulled into my garage on his white 1200 cc super sport racing machine.  And there he sat proudly on top of beaming at me.  Her curves, her look and her unmistakeable bite… It was over for me.  I sold the Ninja, test drove 8 Ducati, purchased my own Ducati within 3 weeks and I never looked back.

Ducati Motorsport. Most of us don’t even know why it inspires excitement or know why it’s the best.  But everybody knows that when you say that name, it means something special.  I wanted to discover more about the mystique of this brand myself and immediately dove into a ton of online and in person research.  Before I made my purchase I rented several Ducatis for days on end.  The first, essentially matched Rob’s bike, though he would snub me for saying so because it was “only” an 848cc compared to his 1098cc beast. Nonetheless we took our “matching” Ducatis out for the day up for a ride in the hills by my house.  And I flew by the seat of my pants.  It was epic, notwithstanding the fact that this bike produced so much heat in the groin region, it gave whole new meaning to the term crotch rocket. The second item of note:  not only did this bike did zero to sixty with the tiniest tilt of the wrist, it was also was very pushy about not wanting to do any less than 60… ever.  I’m stopped. Then I’m doing 60!  I slow for a turn… back up to 60!  Recommended 20 mph area…  60!

So I systematically made my way through Ducati’s entire lineup until I found the one that was right for me.  It was a tossup between their iconic 796 Monster and their 848 Streetfigher, but it was actually another bike altogether that won me over.  The owner of Racy Rentals had given me a call and told me he had gotten a new Ducati in and asked if I wanted to try it.  It was so large I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to ride it much less get on it.

I  was wrong.  Once I mounted this bike… and began moving, my world changed before my eyes.  Unlike sport and super sport bikes that pitch you so far forward you’re riding on the devil’s pitchfork, this bike sat me straight up confidently, but I could ride it and push it just like a supersport bike. It had buttons that adjusted the hydrolics and suspension, the hand grips heated up and it sat so high, my riding position posted me well above most SUV’s on the road. It was comfortable, yet fiercely sporty and even had a keyless startup.  I didn’t know what to make of it…

Ducati calls it a Multistrada.  Loosely translated it means “Many Roads” and it can handle just that. Most motorcyclists avoid a few things like the plague: water and gravel and dirt.  The Multistrada rolls it’s laser sharp LED eyes at this. It’s a  bike built for and intended to take through almost every riding situation you may find yourself in, including city streets, a track and off road.

This motorcycle was so outrageously fun to ride I could hardly contain myself, and that’s a tall order considering I had just tested the entire rest of the lineup!  But, I didn’t want to want this bike. I wanted something super sporty looking or classic. But the more I was on it, the more it called to me until finally, I could not stop thinking about it, and fell in love with it. I purchased the latest and last year that they produced it in white, put on a carbon fiber windscreen and changed out a few other things and was ready to go.

Now that Rob and I are “equals” once again and we ride regularly together and even match in color and speed.

So this section of the site is dedicated to handmade Ducati motorcycles.  And as with the rest of my portfolio, if you need an Acro guy, who does gymnastics and dances AND rides a bike for your next movie or performance… I’m your man.


Clean, open, creative space.  Sunlight streaming in, furniture that begs you to sprawl out…  Clutter free yet cozy.  Minimal yet warm.  Plush pillows and soft linens to sink into.  Tari is passionate about creating magnificent spaces.  Our living environment can either uplift us or suck  life right out of us.  Walking into a room almost anyone can get a sense of the energy within it. We walk into spaces and we know immediately if there’s a good vibe or not.  If you have ever stepped foot into a house that is so jam packed with clutter, so full of stuff and kitsch, and old musty furniture that it is hard to even BE in the space, you understand the need for interior design.

Luxurious Minimalism: It’s the very least amount of possessions and but the very best of what suits you to live lavishly.  It’s not about name brands or show pieces, but rather carefully selecting custom tailored pieces to suit your preferences of what’s important to you. Tari is a huge fan of aesthetic, comfort, utility and minimalism. He takes the best made, best looking item are useful AND comfortable to hold or wear and tastefully infuses them into your living space.  Use only what you use or love on a daily basis.  Wear only things that look great on you, or inspire confidence. Let me keep your cabinets, drawers and shelves free from any and all clutter other than that which you use on a regular basis.  Favor  empty space over full space.  These are a few maxims that drive Tari’s passion to create beautiful warm living spaces.   Click Let’s Talk to book Tari for consulting, interior decorating or clean living.

If you’re inspired by what see and feel and want someone to help

– Rid you of all you do not need
– Add some style or class to your surroundings
– Personally shop with you and decorate your space
– Create and install apparatuses to help you work out
– Minimize and revolutionize your living environment

Then book a session with me and we’ll get started.

Truly letting go is a spiritual practice and a physical practice.
Here are a few tips to get you started:
– If you don’t use it regularly or love it daily, then don’t own it.
– If you haven’t worn it in 3 months or 6 months or a year, give it to someone who will treasure it.
– If it has sentimental value but makes you sad or depletes you energetically when you see it, do you really want that energy in your house? Let it go.

Try clearing a room of everything you don’t use or love and just put it in boxes in the garage. If you don’t go back to use it or wear it in a few months, let it go.  To date I have let go of hundreds, possibly thousands of possessions either through gifting them to family, friends and those in need or by selling them on craigslist. Countless items and never once do I never miss them!

I have a few male friends who are so similar to me in height and size that I can gift them my clothes and they look great on them.  Sometimes too great. On more than one occasion I have given them clothes that look great on me but I just never wore them. The feeling was just gone or I felt like they weren’t me anymore.  But something kept me holding on to them.  Nonetheless I regularly give away my old / oldish clothes to my friends. Even when I see them wear it and I think they look fantastic, I regret it for about 20 seconds and then I let go. Because the pleasure that comes from letting go of unneeded stuff is just sublime. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Once you’re free of your unneeded possessions you will feel a weight lift. And then perhaps you will want to take part in other pursuits, like AcroYoga, gymnastics and dance.

Every two weeks, your host Tari takes you on an imitate journey.  You can work privately with Tari by getting Closeness Coaching.

Couple’s yoga and AcroYoga instruction as well as lifestyle redesign available upon request. 


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