How hot would you like it?

Get a deeper understanding of chemistry, communication, consent, initiating and excitement 

Intimate Acro is Sexy Playful Connected Sensual

IntimateAcro does not have to be sexual

 It can be about creating trust, closeness and bonding with your partner in a way your partnership hasn’t experience before. 

The sensations you will experience will be alluring, intoxicating and positively unforgettable.

If you want to take things to the next level, consider adding our intimate podcast to your playlist.  

We talk sex, dating, intimacy, romance, communication, rejection and much more. Scroll down to play a sample or click podcast in the navigation. 


Take Closeness to the next level

Sexy Safe Touch

Learn to touch your partner in ways they love 

Learn to surrender to your partner when they are basing you 

Share incredible acrobatic intimacy as a way to get closer 

Tone and strengthen

Build physical trust and confidence with your partner

Tone and build strength while exploring each other

Safe and fun

Help your partner truly feel safe so s/he can trust you

Communicate lovingly and respectfully


Understand Body Language

Honor boundaries and setup clear communication

Read and understand your partners body language

It's time to Play

Take everything you love about sex, intimacy and romance and alchemize it into a sexy, healthy, fun activity you can do anywhere.   

We take healing nourishing touch, closeness, trust, and communication and wrap it all up into one cozy, full body experience!

 Side effects may include euphoria, deep relaxation, sudden bursts of delight and feeling as though you’ve just come out of hibernation after a deep restful sleep.

Receiving Intimate Acro immediately calms and restores the nervous system so that you can drop in fully.

When you practice Intimate Acro with someone you like, everything changes. You feel closer, you take on different roles, you appreciate each other and build up even more sensual chemistry. 


Most of us get stuck in our head. We are fickle, flighty and frenzied.  We rush from place to place, buried in our phones, lost in thought and mindlessly cycling through the days tasks. We’re on to the next and on to the next… 

Imagine giving to your partner in a way that doesn’t exhaust you but connects you even more.  IntimateAcro helps us lengthen, stretch, decompress and traction your partner in ways they never dreamed possible – with effortless ease on your part.

No matter what your size or size difference or ability, you can  learn to  give your partner something they won’t forget. 

My boyfriend and I went to Tari to play with AcroYoga and had a blast. He’s an articulate instructor and provides guidance that enables you move into and out of poses fluidly. Highly recommend it for date night.

Christina P.

Los Angeles, California



$260 for 90 minutes
$175 for 60 minutes

Personalized 90 Minutes of custom tailored instruction for you and your partner. Get a taste for the basics or if you're intermediate or advanced, work on a new skill.

$500 - 3 HOURS

Take 2 ninety minute classes or 3 Hour long classes over 48 hours to maximize your learning. Do two in one day or spread it out.

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The Closeness Podcast

We’ve worked for twenty five years to distill down everything you need to know about intimacy. Enjoy the Closeness Podcast free of charge as you enhance your physical practice with Elegant Acro. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’.