From the moment you’re in the air, AcroYoga instantly reminds us to play again.

Discover the incredible joy and health benefits that await you from the practice of partner acrobatics and AcroYoga.

Benefits include:

  • Strengthen, tone and become more physically fit
  • Gain spacial and aerial awareness
  • Increase your confidence by doing things you didn’t think we’re possible
  • Emotional Intelligence building:  play, heal, trust and connect with your partner
  • Learn to communicate under tension

You don’t need to be flexible. You don’t need to do yoga and you are not too heavy  

None of these concerns will hinder you from having fun and practicing partner acrobatics.




AcroYoga is practiced with 2 or 3 people: a Base, a Flyer and a Spotter.
As you build confidence and trust you can eventually play one on one.

The Base has the most contact with the floor and creates the steady platform upon which the flyer takes flight. The Base’s role is one of strength, forethought, and patience. They must be steady yet sensitive  in their touch with soft hands and feet to gently support their Flyer. The Base uses several tools such as bone stacking, counter balancing and breath to support the Flyer. The base is rooted, calm, resilient and safe.

Learning how to safely Base and Spot correctly means you can take this practice anywhere and share it with everyone

The Flyer takes flight by trusting and engaging with the Base. As a flyer, you experience the freedom that comes from being in the air as you twist and turn into positions you have never experienced before. The Flyer will engage, squeeze, lift and “become light by being tight” sometimes to the point of stubbornness.  If receiving a therapeutic treatment or Thai massage the Flyer then takes on a role of total surrender and passiveness, allowing their body to melt over the legs of their base. This is where some of the deepest forms of transformation take place.

The Spotter is one of the most important parts of the practice.  The spotter stands intimately close to the Base and Flyer as they practice and pays constant, active attention to make sure that everyone stays safe without being too intrusive or too hands on.  The Spotter helps bring the Base and Flyer back into alignment if they tip over or if things get a little shaky and need extra support.  Having a knowledgeable spotter is what allows the Base and Flyer grow and progress.  Spotting is an art unto itself.

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