AcroYoga is your own private Cirque du Soleil performance… on your living room floor


AGoalen_Yoga_TariMiyoko-5612From the moment you’re in the air, AcroYoga instantly reminds us how to play again. When we play, we allow resistance to subside and all of the good stuff we’ve been wanting has the opportunity to come in.  Training acrobatically with Tari is an exercise in play, focus and intensity – an experience not to be missed.  He is one of only a small handful of certified AcroYoga teachers in the world. Discover the indescribable joy and health benefits that await you from the practice of AcroYoga.  On the physical plane you will strengthen, become more physically fit and flexible and discover acrobatic poses you didn’t know your body could do. On the emotional plane you will play, heal, trust, connect and develop in ways you didn’t dream were possible.  Whether it’s through performances, workshops, television appearances or private training, the perfect way for you to train awaits!

The top three excuses why you can’t do AcroYoga:
I’m not flexible.
I don’t do or like yoga
I am too heavy (usually spoken by a 110 pound woman)
None of these concerns will hinder you from experiencing AcroYoga and having a lot of fun doing so! You do not need to like yoga, or be flexible or need to be a certain weight to play.

So, what is AcroYoga and how do you do it?
AcroYoga is a partner based acrobatics practice that is fun, addicting, gets you in shape and will get you in touch with your body (and other peoples bodies) better than almost any other practice.  AcroYoga gives you a sensitivity and body awareness that you just cannot get anywhere else. People of all shapes, sizes and abilities can practice.  Acrobatics requires great focus, skill and strength. Thai massage unwinds our bodies and muscles after practice, and Yoga of course balances our mind, body and soul.

AcroYoga blends three individual and powerful practices into one:
Acrobatics, Yoga and the art of Thai Massage



AcroYoga is practiced in groups of 2 or 3 with a Base, Flyer & Spotter.
As you build confidence and trust you can eventually play with only one partner.

The Base has the most contact with the floor and creates the steady platform upon which the flyer takes flight. The Base’s role is one of strength, intelligence and patience. They must  be steady like a rock yet sensitive and adaptable in their touch with soft hands and feet to gently support the different bones and insertion points of their Flyer. The Base uses several tools such as bone stacking, counter balancing and breath to support the Flyer. The base is rooted, calm, resilient and safe.

Learning how to safely Base and Spot – even if you think you’re a flyer, means you can take this practice ANYWHERE and share it with ANYONE. Proper technique is essential to a safe and happy practice. 

The Flyer takes flight by trusting and engaging with the Base. As a flyer, you experience the freedom that comes from being in the air as you help your base twist and place you into positions you’ve never experienced before. When performing or practicing at an acrobatic level, the Flyer will engage, squeeze, lift and become light by being tight. If receiving a therapeutic treatment or Thai massage the Flyer then takes on a role of total surrender and passiveness, allowing their body to melt over the legs of their base. This is where some of the deepest forms of transformation take place.

The Spotter is an equally important part of the practice.  The spotter stands intimately close to the Base and Flyer from the moment they take flight and pays constant, active attention to make sure that everyone stays safe without being too intrusive.  The Spotter helps bring the partners back into alignment if they tip over or if things get a little shaky and need extra support. Having a spotter is what allows the Base and Flyer grow and progress.  Spotting is not spectating and is an art unto itself.

From the moment you join hands with a partner, you’ll immediately be aware of whether you can let yourself go or not, and whether you can trust and be trusted… Feeling and giving trust is different with every partner.  In AcroYoga we learn to give and to ask for what we need.

You can get started now by ordering a private coaching package with Tari.  You can train one on one with Tari but it benefits you both financially and acrobatically to come with a friend.

To find teachers and classes worldwide, festivals, gatherings, immersions and more, visit the official AcroYoga website at




Los Angeles AcroYoga & Partner Acrobatics with Tari Mannello


For your safety and pleasure Tari has got a robust resume of training in AcroYoga and gymnastics and has devoted an years of his life to this practice since 2009.  Trainings, immersions, events, workshops performances and more are all under his belt.


Solar – 2014 – Van Nuys, CA 5 Days
Lunar 2012 – Sherman Oaks CA, 5 Days
Solar 2011 – San Francisco CA, 5 Days
General 2011 – Oakland CA, 5 Days


AcroYoga Certified Teacher Training – 2.5 weeks – Ojai CA


Divine Play 2010 –  3 Days – Oakland CA
Divine Play 2011 –  3 Days – Fort Mason, San Francisco CA
Divine Play 2013 –  3 Days  – Portland, OR
Shakti Fest 2012 – 3 Days – Mojave CA
Liquid Land Water Therapy and Thai Massage – 4 Days – Chimulco, Guadalajara, Mexico
AcroGasm 2013, 3 Days –  San Diego
Advanced Instructor Divine Play 2014: Inlocate and Low to high Hand to Hand


Sarahpeutics 7 day Thai Massage Training – Los Angeles
Sarahpeutics 5 day Thai Massage Training – Los Angeles
Five Element 7 Day Thai Training – Los Angeles
Day Long plus 2 Additional Half Day Trainings with Arno L’Hermitte
Bodywork Training with Jennifer Yarro
Bodywork Training with Alison Winchester


Cairo Caravan – Queen Mary 2011 & 2012 – Live Stage Show
Jeckyl & Hyde – Moorpark – 2010 – Live performance
Boardners Hollywood – 2011 – Live Stage show
Once Upon a Dream – Hollywood – 2010 – Live Stage Show
Froggy’s Topanga – 2011 – Live Stage Show
Hansel and Grettel – 2010 – Live performance
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza – 2009 – Live performance
Private Malibu Mansion House – 2011 – Live Oceanside performance
Duplex on Third – 2012 Red Carpet Fashion Gala for Designer Shail K
Domestic Goddess Rock the Pole, 2013, Various Performances
Westlake Magazine 21st Anniversary Performance Nov, 2013
LuluLemon Athletica 2011-Present: Store Openings, Demos, Events
DSTLD Denim Bar Opening  Acro Duo Performance – May 2014


Hundreds of hours of training individual clients privately
Intermediate AcroYoga Training with Lara, Sonia, Sarah and Sarah
Private Gymnastics and Movement Training with Ido Portal – Los Angeles
Private Gymnastics and Body Strength Training – Johnny JSap Sapinoso
Hundreds of hours of acrobatic training at Original Muscle Bach on the AcroGreen, Santa Monica


Private training with AcroYoga founders Jenny and Jason
Private Thai Massage Training with Sarah Yovovich
Private Handstand courses with master hand balancer Lu Yi
Private Training / Coaching with Cirque du Soleil performers


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