Get ready to soar

Take flight by trusting and engaging with your base.

Learn the perfect balance of tension and grace in your body to be tight and light! 

Experience the thrill of getting a natural high through flight.

Twist and turn into positions you've never experienced before. 
Discover your own strength and stability.

Build trust with your partner. 

Learn to never let your flyer touch the ground unsafely

Use bone stacking, counter balance and breath to support your partner.

Learn to be rooted in calm safe energy.
The Spotter is one of the most essential parts of the practice.

As a spotter you are aware and awake to keep the flyer safe.

 Spotting is an art that takes time to master!

Spotters are adaptable being hands off or hands on as needed, without being too intrusive

Spotters help bring the Base and Flyer back into alignment if things get shaky and need a little extra support.    
Strengthen, tone and visibly become more physically fit.

Gain aerial awareness and core stability.

Increase your confidence, connection and ability to communicate.

  Do things you never dreamed were  possible.

Build emotional intelligence:  play, heal, trust and connect with your partner.

Learn to communicate under tension and while being physical

You don't need to be flexible

You don't need to be a yogi

you don't weigh too much

Acro is accessible to almost everyone, regardless of your size, shape and flexibility. Even physically impaired friends have successfully done acrobatics and AcroYoga with a smile. 

Play it forward

Over two decades of movement experience to make sure that it feels fun, safe and exciting for you

You're the star

When you’re a flyer you feel beautiful and free. When you base you feel strong, powerful and alive.  Watch Heather in the background move through several variations of an Acrobatic “Star”

AcroYoga is practiced with two or three people: a base, a flyer and a spotter

As you build confidence you can eventually play and train one on one

Safely learning to base, fly and spot means you can share this practice with everyone, anywhere in the world!

See pricing and select a package below.

Your Worldwide Travel Friend

Whether you’re walking on the silky sands of Dubai, or visiting a tropical island, what we learn together will travel with you wherever you go. 

Your Acrobatic Journey

Like any new skill, developing the ability and technique takes time.   I’ll guide you on your journey carefully, playfully, respectfully and with presence.  

You don’t have to travel around the world to learn the secrets of Russian Acrobats or Bulgarian performers, it can be found right here in Sunny San Diego

When I first met him, I knew from the start that he was so special. It’s a blessing that Tari’s amazing personality gets to shine through this website and all the events he creates. Tari knows what life’s about and works daily on living it to its fullest, I think that “thriving” is his motto.  Always open to share his numerous passions and experiences with the lucky people that surround him, you’re immediately touched by his generosity and his natural ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease.
Tari is the right person for you if you’re ready to see life from another perspective if you’re ready to open up… and simply blossom.  He will warmly welcome you in his unique world with an open mind, a very kind spirit and that thirst to discover yours. I’ve experienced that myself and let me tell you that there’s nothing he doesn’t accomplish in his daily life without grace and delicacy. This is Tari, a person I trust, a friend very dear to my heart.

Sarah B. - Lille, France


Get into your body

$260 for 90 minutes
$175 for 60 minutes

Personalized 90 Minutes of custom tailored instruction for you and your partner. Get a taste for the basics or if you're intermediate or advanced, work on a new skill.

$500 - 3 HOURS

Take 2 ninety minute classes or 3 Hour long classes over 48 hours to maximize your learning. Do two in one day or spread it out.

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You've never Done It like this before

Elegant Acro has solutions for all your acrobatic needs: privately, publicly and when it’s a party.