Tari is a high level standing acrobat, hand balancer, intimacy and relationships coach, podcast host and intimate acrobatics specialist.

No stranger to movement, he’s extremely passionate about everything the body can do.  What makes him stand out however is his ability to base and fly each skill in his repertoire, which gives him a rare ability to offer extremely detailed and technical coaching.  

He is one of the few people who can handstand on almost any surface and on anyone… elegantly.

Tari has trained and performed intensely under masters in each of their fields and specializes in hand to hand acrobatics. Please scroll down to see the full CV.

As a world traveler he is constantly involved in bringing acrobatics to different parts of the world through television appearances, stunning photo shoots, workshops and private coaching.


Part of my unique skillset lies in my ability to accurately demonstrate nearly every skill I can share with you, whether it’s basing, flying or spotting.

I invite you to feel safely express yourself, try new things with me and grow at an unprecedented rate with your partner.  Deep connection is what it’s all about. 

My coaching style is calm, playful, succinct and my communication is soothing and inviting.


After expressing some interest in couples/AcroYoga, my girlfriend surprised me for my birthday with 2 Acro sessions with Tari.  Tari’s calming energy is evident the moment you meet him and throughout his studio/space.  He put us both at ease and demonstrated his ability to assess us physically and provide introduction to new poses and instruction on how to take what we have and make it work.  This way when we were done, we felt like we’d achieved more than “just getting through a new class”.  We left knowing we were on to something exciting.  

The second class was equally satisfying.  So much so, that we went back to the hotel to practice what we’d learned.  We found the practice during the week to be very satisfying on many levels.  We set up two more classes the following weekend, which concluded yesterday.  The weekend did not disappoint.  We’ve learned enough to know we have a great deal to work on and learn, which is the beginning of a great practice.

As a physical therapist for nearly 3 decades, I was not only impressed by his command of his understanding of the body and the nuances of breaking down movements, but also walked away with some effective new ways to work on people when the right situation presents itself.

Lastly, Tari’s Tari clearly lives what he teaches.  He’s a world class athlete and instructor who embodies the rare combination of grace and excellence in both practice and instruction.  Spend some time with him…you’ll be better for it.

Jim A. Los Angeles






Trained under and performed for two time Sports Acro World Champion Arthur Davis with AcroArmy


San Diego Circus Center

Masters Handstand 3 hour daily training
Masters Hand to Hand Acrobatic Training
Dance Program with master ballerina Courtney Giannone
Flexibility Program
under master Jean Luc Martin


World Travel

Tari has travelled the world for over two and a half years non stop teaching acrobatics in over 20 countries and cities around the world. He is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and a little French and Russian

Master Privates

Gymnastics Coaching by John Sapinoso
Movement Training with Ido Portal
AcroYoga founders Jenny and Jason
Thai Massage with Sarah Yovovich
Handstands with master Lu Yi
Standing Acrobatics: Nathan & Isis
Private Coaching with Cirque du Soleil performers



5 Day Immersions

Solar – 2014 – Van Nuys, CA
Lunar 2012 – Sherman Oaks CA
Solar 2011 – San Francisco CA
General 2011 – Oakland CA


Festival Circuit

First Divine Play 2010 –  Oakland CA
Divine Play 2011 –  San Francisco
Divine Play 2013-2017 – Portland, OR
Shakti Fest 2012 – 3 Days – Mojave CA
Liquid Land Water Therapy  – Guadalajara
AcroGasm 2013 –  San Diego
2020 AcroLove – New Years week

2010 - 2013


Sarahpeutics 7 day Thai Massage Training
Sarahpeutics 5 day Thai Massage Training
Five Element 7 Day Thai Training
4 Day Trainings with Master Arno L’Hermitte
Bodywork Training with Jennifer Yarro
Bodywork Training with Alison Winchester
Countless additional Master Classes 


Years of regular training at  OMB Santa Monica

Hundreds of hours helping private clients 

Countless acrobatic courses and clinics

f o r m a l


UC Santa Barbara:
Philosophy major with ethics and public policy concentration

Italian Minor
Art History Minor


Modern Dance


Royal College of Art


My ability to help you
Handstands / hand balancing 95%
Hand to Hand 92%
AcroYoga Fundamentals 100%
AcroYoga Intermediate 100%
Standing Acrobatics 96%
Thai Massage 85%
Movement and Dance 90%
Intimate Acrobatics 97%
Gourmet Cooking 91%
Luxurious Minimalism 96%
Intimacy Coaching 96%

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Live on Stage

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Topanga 2011
Live Stage Show

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Los Angeles 2010
Live Stage Show

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Thousand Oaks 2009
Live on Stage

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Private Home 2011
Oceanside live performance

Duplex on Third

Los Angeles 2012
Red Carpet Fashion Gala for Designer Shail K

Rock the Pole

Domestic Goddess 2013
Multiple Live Performances with Miyoko

Joseph Waddington

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Westlake Magazine

21st Anniversary 2013
Live Performance


San Diego 2019
B&P Zouk Live Dance Performance

DSTLD Denim Bar

Designer Grand Ball Opening 2014
Live Rooftop Performance

Diane Geter

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Queen Bees

San Diego 2019
B&P Zouk Live Dance Performance

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San Diego 2019
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Cairo Caravan

Queen Mary 2011-2012
Live Stage Show

Jeckyl & Hyde

Moorpark 2010
Live on Stage


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