Thank you for trusting me with your time, your resources, your body and in some cases with your life. The connections forged with acrobatics are something very near and dear to me.  they are distinct from other types of relationships.  I greatly appreciate the incredible comments and stories shared below because they are so heartfelt.   I hope that we too get to share some special moments together that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Tari Mannello

Founder of elegant acro, closeness and the closeness podcast

My adventure with Acro Yoga first began with Tari when my partner & I wanted to Advance our level of dance. Contacting Tari was the best thing I had ever done. Tari was able to design a progressive track where we would work off of the strengths, while working on my weaknesses.

After showing us a picture, the goal for the day. I had very little confidence that this would be accomplished, but the concise, detailed world class instruction Tari was able to provide in such a short period proved otherwise.

He is truly remarkable, and I will continue to take lessons as there is so much knowledge and skills that I would like to obtain to reach my own personal goals.

Abe and Jess
Professional Dancers
San Diego, California

Tom L

Tari is goes beyond being  a very cool and pleasant person and is an awesome teacher. I have never done anything in the acro-balance world before. I had, zero knowledge, and in 2 sessions he managed to cover basic and  important principals so thoroughly and calmly that it immediately helped me  understand what I’m doing and most of all it made me  and my partner feel safe while creating beautiful shapes in the air.

I can genuinely say I have never experienced a teacher who could remain so calm in any situation. I always got the sense of him being in control of what’s happening, and that is someone I can confide in as a teacher.

Can’t wait for the next lesson!!

Tom L
Professional Zouk Dancer
Los Angeles

Jim A.

After expressing some interest in couples/AcroYoga, my girlfriend surprised me for my birthday with 2 Acro sessions with Tari at his location.  Tari’s calming energy is evident the moment you meet him and throughout his studio/space.  Tari put us both at ease and demonstrated his ability to assess us physically and provide introduction to some poses and instruction on how to take what we have and make is work so that when we were done, we felt like we’d achieved more than “just getting through a new class”.  WE left knowing we were on to something exciting.  The second class was equally satisfying.  So much so, that we went back to the hotel to practice what we’d learned.  We found the practice during the week to be very satisfying on many levels.  We set up 2 more classes the following weekend, which concluded yesterday.  The weekend did not disappoint.  We’ve lessened enough to know we have a great deal to work on and learn, which is the beginning of a great practice.

As a physical therapist for nearly 3 decades, I was not only impressed by his command of his understanding of the body and the nuances of breaking down movements, but also walked away with some effective new ways to work on people when the right situation presents itself.

Lastly, Tari’s Tari clearly lives what he teaches.  He’s a world class athlete and instructor who embodies the rare combination of grace and excellence in both practice and instruction.  Spend some time with him…you’ll be better for it.

Jim A.
Vacaville, California

Shivani A.

Tari is an awesome instructor. He has a patient and calm presence. My partner and I did an hour and a half introductory AcroYoga class with him. We accomplished more as total beginners than we imagined would be possible. We’re pumped to continue learning from him!

Shivani A.
Chatsworth, California

Uyen N.

My boyfriend expressed an interest in couple yoga when we first met 8 months ago. So for his birthday celebration last weekend, I decided to surprise him with two 90-minute private sessions.

We met at Tari’s beautiful, immaculate studio. His energy was calm and the studio was quiet and peaceful. His hypoallergenic cat was also calm and friendly. Tari took the time to get to know us. After the “flying bird” and “throne”, I fell in love with Acroyoga. Tari’s high competence, keen observation skills, amazing strength, and ability to teach with ease and patience allowed us to trust and proceed with confidence. At the end of our first session, we knew Acroyoga with Tari is a practice we can embrace and grow together.

I’ve learned to appreciate the importance of body awareness, alignment, and placement. I’ve learned to enjoy inversions! As a couple, this practice has solidified our team work, communication skills, and ability to give and receive, as we have fun sharing and learning. At a deeper level, Acroyoga has reminded me that without a strong base, trust, and open communication, we cannot have fun flying high with ease as a couple…

We’ve valued our time with Tari so much, we just completed our fourth session. We look forward to more sharing, learning, and growing with Tari.

Uyen N.
Encino, California

My wife and I work with Tari when we were in San Diego for a wedding and had a fantastic time. He is extremely knowledgeable and worked with limited schedule. Well worth the time. Thanks Tari

Nat B
Vinegrove, KY

Tari is the best!! I was referred to him after developing an interest in AcroYoga, and although I was told he was the best I didn’t know how true this was until our first private session.. Wow! He’s got it all, the equipment, space, knowledge, patience, warmth, connections, community, you name it. He’s extremely experienced in teaching both roles (basing and flying) which I wanted to learn to perform and teach myself. By the end of only a month together I was comfortable putting myself and others through a range of lying (as opposed to standing) positions of all levels… We also worked on my inversions, as per my request and I learned incredible tricks that I had never heard of before despite being a yoga teacher. This greatly strengthened my practice. Whatever your needs are, I’m certain Tari can get you there. All you have to do is commit. My experience with Tari has changed my life for the better and for good and I highhhhly recommend him! Enjoy!

JouJou Jade
Doha, Qatar

Tari and I started doing AcroYoga together and immediately had fun blending our dance backgrounds, creating choreographies, and wow’ing our audience. I have never been stronger than when I was working with Tari, whose extensive fitness instructor background makes him an excellent base, partner, flyer, and AcroYoga instructor. He was emotionally and physically supportive, as I worked to build strength and overcome any hesitation. He is a great person to work with – such calm energy, extremely knowledgeable, giving, and fun.

Gigi F.
Woodland Hills, CA

There is really only one thing you need to know about Tari: HANDSTANDS! Whether you’re just learning to go upside down or are looking to improve your practice, Tari can help you. Yes, he does have a vast background and can definitely teach you even more, but this really sets him apart. As a fellow AcroYoga instructor, I can proudly endorse him and say it’s beautiful, safe and fun to fly with him! Have a great time!

Orange, California

Tari is seriously the best. I don’t even know where to begin. He immediately makes you feel welcome and comfortable and is a joy to be around. His knowledge and skills are unreal, very dedicated and passionate about his craft. He’s patient and stern when appropriate. My acroyoga vastly improved from just a single session with him! I can’t wait for the next lesson!

Lindsay B.
Glendale, California

After finishing my yoga teacher training, I wanted to expand my practice and looked at partner yoga as a great way to do that.

I had limited time to be able to do acroyoga so I wanted to learn from the best.  After doing my research, I found Tari.  As soon as I contacted him, I knew that he was the perfect instructor for me.

On my first class, my partner and I showed up at his beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills.  The house was rigged for acrobatics.  There was a trampoline in the back, climbing ropes and ribbons and mats on the floor.

Although I had done gymnastics as a kid, that was many years ago and wasn’t sure that I could do anything remotely acrobatic anymore.  Tari started slowly to see where we were.  He was very patient and emphasized safety, teaching how to base, fly and spot.

We started with the basics but quickly learned more challenging poses.  Tari encouraged us to try new things.  Not only did I base, he got me to fly.
I would highly recommend Tari.  He is patient, encouraging, an expert in the field and quickly became a good friend.

Michael M
Los Angeles, California

Tari is an amazing acrobat, and is a talented base and flyer. He safely and explicitly guides you through movements so that you become more educated as well. His ability to encourage, inspire, and instruct make him a great teacher.

Parking is easy on the street, and his home/studio is filled with fun toys and apparatus on which to play, fly and grow!

Miyoko R.
Agoura Hills, California

Tari is an intuitive acroyoga instructor.  Within only 2 private classes I was able to explore dimensions of movement I never thought possible! Tari made sure I felt safe at all times and knew when to push boundaries to optimize my full potential.
I am more motivated and inspired than ever  to continue acroyoga!

Sana S.
Carlsbad, California

My boyfriend and I went to Tari to play around with AcroYoga and had a blast. He’s an articulate instructor and provides guidance that enables you move into and out of poses fluidly. Highly recommend it for date night.

Christina P.
Los Angeles, California

Ok, listen. I’m the girl who is like a 7 year old when Cirque du Soleil comes to town. Obviously I’m much past my prime when it comes to becoming a Cirque performer, not to mention I’m terribly affraid of letting my feet leave solid ground.

Enter Acro yoga and Tari. Taking lessons from Tari and having the special one on one attention that he gives is priceless. I felt safe, comfortable and FREE. He helped me learn the basics of acro yoga and do poses I never would have imagined I could do.

Tari makes Acro accessible without having any acrobatic experience. He’s constantly challenging himself and those he works with to do new things and push further. I definitely recommend working with him whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years.

Tiara B.
Studio City, California

Took a 90 minute class with my partner who wanted to try this out. We had a blast! Tari is an excellent AcroYoga teacher and we were doing poses I didn’t think possible in our first session. I would highly recommend Tari as a teacher if you are looking for private lessons in AcroYoga or if you want to take your yoga to the next level.

Charlie P.
Poway, California

Can’t say enough good things about our experience with Tari. He made us feel so comfortable- even with our limited Acro experience. He was flexible and customized the session to fit what we wanted to learn. He ended up introducing us to therapeutics- life changing! Looking forward to taking more classes from Elegant Acro!

Cheyenne E.
Jamul, California
I have known Tari for about 12 years now.  It all started on my 13th birthday actually.  My mom had talked my older brother and me into going to a hip-hop dance class at the gym. Being a brand new teen and thinking I was super cool, I wore a really ugly pink trucker hat with 5 candles on it and it said “Happy Birthday.”   We were the last ones to arrive to class so we had to go to the back of the class.  I thought we would just slide right on in.  But no, Mr. Tari had to pick me out of the crowd of 40-50 people in his packed class. He looked at me and said  “Oh hey! It’s your birthday!”  I was thinking, why is this guy talking to me? So I replied simply. “Duh.” He asked how old I had just turned and I arrogantly said “13!”  Extremely proud of that fact. He then looked at me funny and said…  Your hat only has five candles… And the rest of our friendship was history.
 From that moment on my mom and I never missed one of his classes again. I learned so much from him. He taught me how to listen to the musicality and beats in a song, how to do isolated dance moves the right way, and how to just let loose and have fun. He always gave me something to look forward to every week in his class.  I’ve never met someone so talented at literally EVERYTHING. He is such a kind, loving, warm soul that if anyone who comes into contact with his ray of sunshine is immediately effected in the best way possible. He has the biggest heart and loves challenging himself to continue to be a better human being, which I personally think is impossible because he’s already pretty darn great!  Dancing w my family and him are some of the fondest memories I have. All of us used to take professional dance classes in LA too which was amazing. If anyone is thinking about trying or learning something new from him, you seriously wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity of being in the presence of greatness!
K. Kelpaki
Dancer & Manager, Westlake, California

Happy new year, friend! I just watched your video and was whooping out loud. Man, I admire your enthusiasm and exuberance for life. You had me wanting to get BACK on that pole – been awhile! Loved your show of grace and strength. Look forward to seeing you next, and many blessings!

Educator, Los Angeles, California

Very few teachers can marry fun and focus like Tari.  His classes are inspiring, transformational, and leave students with lasting trust in each other and themselves. He is the perfect guide to an exploration in loving kindness and mindful movement.


Alice D. Karrasch
Certified AcroYoga Teacher

My friends and I had the fantastic opportunity to stay at Tari’s beautiful and tastefully appointed estate one summer ago for two months.

When it was time to reflect back on what had happened, it was clear that what we experienced had been far beyond our expectations. And all this was mainly for one reason: because Tari is an amazingly generous person who knows how to take good care of someone and who loves to share. I’d say he has been gifted with a gracious personality and the power to make everyone (and I do insist on the “everyone”) feel very comfortable and at ease when he is around.

Tari always knew how to keep us entertained and we got the chance to experience all of his specialties: AcroYoga, dancing, massaging, stretching… with someone who excels at it. He, for example, knows how to give outstanding Thai massages, using techniques your body will respond the best to. Tari really feels into what you like and we got to enjoy this relaxing/magical experience many times, for our greatest pleasure.

But above everything, Tari is a very charming and warm-hearted person, who is very inspiring on many levels and has numerous skills that he loves to share.


S. Lernould
Student, Lille, France

Just when I thought no one else could be as genuine, kind, outgoing, authentic, expressive, funny, sensual (oh, my list can go on and on) as myself… Guess what? Let me introduce to you Tari Mannello. Unfortunately, I cannot add AcroYoga and Thai Message to my list of coolness! Well, at least not yet. Hands down, Tari is one of the most personable, approachable, likable guys you will ever meet.

He also has a sleek sense of professionalism and charisma that is similar to my own. I instantly knew I had a friend for life the minute I met Tari.  Not only is he inspirational to me (level of skill sets is uncanny), I find myself laughing often because of what he is up to in life. I’m like “Are you for real?” Watch out everyone, this guy is on fire!

Darius R DeBuhr – “Menscha”
DJ and aspiring AcroYoga Thai Message extraordinaire

I got the chance to work with Tari for several AcroYoga practice sessions. He is very talented in many different ways. It really struck me how someone can be so flexible and soft as well as strong and steady at the same time. Aside from his stunning bodily performances he cares about his acrobatic partners and students because he is very attentive to their needs, always wondering if they are really feeling great with what they’re doing.

It was a pleasure to work with Tari because he has the determination to succeed and leaves enough space for others to paint the picture. His self-critical questions and openness for the comments of others make him sensible and aware to “what’s-going-on-right-now”. It is so fun to learn, play and create moves with Tari – You go boy!


Lil Li
Certified AcroYoga Teacher Hanover, Germany
When I first met him, I knew from the start that he was so special. It’s a blessing that Tari’s amazing personality gets to shine through this website and all the events he creates. Tari knows what life’s about and works daily on living it to its fullest, I think that “thriving” is his motto.  Always open to share his numerous passions and experiences with the lucky people that surround him, you’re immediately touched by his generosity and his natural ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease.
Tari is the right person for you if you’re ready to see life from another perspective if you’re ready to open up… and simply blossom.  He will warmly welcome you in his unique world with an open mind, a very kind spirit and that thirst to discover yours. I’ve experienced that myself and let me tell you that there’s nothing he doesn’t accomplish in his daily life without grace and delicacy. This is Tari, a person I trust, a friend very dear to my heart.
Sarah B.
Student, Lille, France.

Tari is a true joy to practice with and is knowledgeable, supportive, and fun-loving.  The way in which he consistently strives for enjoyment and excellence in all areas inspires others around him to do the same.  I met Tari at AcroYoga teacher training, and he was a delight to spend time with both during training hours and during our down time.  He helped to show me aspects of myself that I either wasn’t aware of or needed extra confidence with, and he spoke and acted with kindness, compassion, and encouragement.  He’s also fully honest about who he is, and he openly shows himself to the world.  This leads others to be drawn to him and to be comfortable with him.

Tari is fully present as both a student and a teacher, and he is a sponge for new knowledge.  His understanding of the body and his own body-awareness help him to coach others and show them just how much is possible.  He teaches that so much more is possible than we believe.  It’s extremely easy to find a friend in Tari, and he’s a pleasure to spend time with.  If I didn’t live on the opposite coast as him, I would definitely try to spend more time with him – as a friend, a student, and a co-teacher.  If you have the opportunity to learn with Tari, I highly recommend it.


Charlie B,
Certified AcroYoga Instructor, Armonk, NY

Tari is a Truly wonderful instructor. He is able to guide you through instructions easily and precisely. He is attentive and is good with communication, thus promoting a safe environment for flying. He also throws in great tips about body awareness that can be applied to all other forms of movement.

He is a kind and generous person and is a pleasure to be around. If you are in LA, Definitely fly with Tari!!


Ariana Gradow
Event Coordinator

There is something indescribely comfortable about Tari. One feels it immediately, whether taking private AcroYoga classes from him, or participating in group instruction. Tari’s energy is not your usual uber-sacharine, I-love-everybody-lala-yoga vibe but rather his own mix of relaxed sensuality, open playfulness and warmth. in privates or in a class learning a new move, Tari’s gentle control is palpable.

My business is PR and I think im a pretty tested judge of people and their character. When I needed someone and something innovative for a recent dance performance for my fashion client’s launch, we hired Tari to execute the presentation. It was a knock out!

Kip Morrison

I first started working with Tari several years ago as a student in one of his hip-hop dance classes.  I liked working and training in Tari’s classes because he was dedicated to making sure everyone in the class was present in the moment with the music.   He was brilliant with choreography and stellar at bringing the emotion of a song out.

I later hired him for an acting role in my music video because I knew his ability to be forceful and present would be perfect for the character. He did a stunning job and I’d hire him again in a second.   I still love dancing in classes with Tari!

Zuri Star

As the Host of Sell This House Extreme on A&E, I live in airplanes and in hotel rooms. Working out consistently on the road is tough to keep up and very boring. I met Tari and he introduced me to AcroYoga in Hawaii on vacation at a retreat.  Instantly I was hooked! What fun! I forgot how enjoyable a workout can be when you feel like you’re playing instead of exercising!

When I’m in LA I take private classes with Tari and look forward to every one of his classes!  He’s introduced me to a lifestyle…..not just a workout.  His personality and professionalism is top notch. Tari is a guy who doesn’t settle and he won’t let you settle either!
What a journey I’ve been on since I started AcroYoga with Tari!


Tanya Memme

I live in Mexico, but when I go to LA I don’t hesitate to see Tari to practice acro.  Aside from his extensive background he is a great person with a good energy that generates trust and this makes the practice easy. Also he has a great place to play with a slackline & a room big enough to dance or do acro.  I love flying with him!

Pat Ruiz

My practice in Acro Yoga gets stronger each session with Tari. Number one I feel safe, he is attentive and his communication is very clear which also helps me get through each step quicker. I’ve also seen immediate improvement with the strength and balance building tips he has given. The combination of a dance warm up and Thai Message cool down keeps my body in proper condition so I walk away feeling stronger. What pops in my head when I think of Tari is the word solid. He makes it all seem so easy.


Kelly Thayer
Caviar Content – Santa Monica


Tari has a strong radiating presence that is balanced with both energy and calmness. In my first experience with Tari I noticed he has a natural connection with everyone he meets.

Very rarely do you meet people like him. His intuitive touch and knowledge of the human body makes him a natural healer, teacher, and amazing acro yoga instructor. With Tari’s strength and experience, I knew within moments I was in good hands.

The whole experience with Tari was so much fun and made me feel so at ease. Whether your just a beginner or are looking to learn new skills, I strongly recommend seeing Tari in teaching you the benefits of acro yoga and Thai massage.

Lydia Martinez
Stylist and Makeup artist “Get Sexy”

You all were sooo amazing.  Everyone could not stop talking about you all and your talents throughout the night.  I really appreciate all your hard work and patience with the planning and actual event for Free People and Urban Outfitters.  I will be reaching out to you in regards to doing a blog post.  Again, 100 thank yous and I need to get to an AcroYoga class ASAP!

Please keep in contact.


Event Coordinator – Free People Clothing

Hi Tari. We met at Divine Play last year and I saw and filmed you do your first inlocate to hand to hand. I must thank you for the joy and inspiration I get every time you share your progress. I am cheering for you and with you and tackling my own dreams with a bit more gusto because of you. Thank you for sharing your journey on Facebook.  I really look forward to the posts of your new acro mastery, insights and Airbnb connections and a cat and family connection here and there.  You are making a difference living your life with apparent wholeheartedness and authenticity. Go go go. And much gratitude.

I will never forget your face after you did that trick – recalling the inner happiness and pride that was shown thru still warms my heart – I’ve had moments in my life when I exceeded my expectations – best feeling in the world.  Thanks for being you!!!

Having a support structure is such a catalyst for success.  I am going to chew on that one a bit. Inspiring. I seriously jumped for joy for you when I read that you would be teaching what you learned last year.  I had an imaginary conversation with you in my head back at that moment saying – Tari would you believe me if I told you that next year you’d be teaching others how to do what you just learned in 2014?  Please share that inspiration with others – it truly is amazing and important to be reminded that we can do so much more than logically conceivable when we have passion and support.



Nora Immoor

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