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Private Coaching and Weekly Acrobatic Classes

Weekend hand to hand and AcroYoga Classes at Law Street Beach 

Every Saturday from 12-3 and Sundays from 3-6

Private instruction for handstands, standing acro and personal training also available


"Tari is the best!! I was referred to him after developing an interest in AcroYoga, and although I was told he was the best I didn’t know how true this was until our first private session.. Wow! He’s got it all, the equipment, space, knowledge, patience, warmth, connections, community, you name it. He’s extremely experienced in teaching both roles (basing and flying) which I wanted to learn to perform and teach myself. By the end of only a month together I was comfortable putting myself and others through a range of lying (as opposed to standing) positions of all levels… We also worked on my inversions, as per my request and I learned incredible tricks that I had never heard of before despite being a yoga teacher. This greatly strengthened my practice. Whatever your needs are, I’m certain Tari can get you there. All you have to do is commit. My experience with Tari has changed my life for the better and for good and I highhhhly recommend him! Enjoy!"
Joujou jade
Studio Owner

Technique based coaching to quickly and elegantly get you in the air

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Everyone loves inversions. At the core of almost all acrobatic training is the handstand. Whether you want to walk down stairs, hold a still handstand in the middle of the room, jump and float to handstand in a yoga class or understand the correct form for partner acrobatics, it all starts here. 


Synonymous with AcroYoga is the word play.  If it’s your first time ever doing anything like this then you’re going to want to give AcroYoga a try.  Whether you learn to fly, base or spot, you will completely transform your belief of what you thought you could do! 


Hand to hand. The natural evolution and ultimate extension of acrobatics AcroYoga. If you wish to take your practice to an entirely new level, join me for hand to hand training.  We begin lying on the floor with standing in hands for safety and work our way up to overhead at your own pace. 


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