For individuals and couples of all orientations.

We all want to feel confident, desirable and appealing to those we find attractive.  Really great sex and intimacy is one of the most powerful experiences we can share with another. Yet shame, fear, body consciousness and many other issues can get in the way of enjoying life to its fullest.   Sometimes we cloud an experience with a substance or alcohol. Other times we find ourselves in positions that we would rather not be in.

When we can find ways to receive the kind of affection, love and attention that matters most, whether we’re a man or woman, we feel desired, relaxed, confident, and ready for more.

Sit for a moment in your truth. Are you able to really  articulate what you truly want and need from your partner? Sometimes even that is an elusive changing thing day to day. Often, our own partners, lovers,  husbands and wives don’t know what we are yearning for in a healthy intimate relationship.  Our partners may not even have the tools or resources themselves to give it to us.

Closeness coaching is about  moving your life in the right direction to get what you and your partner(s) need most. Confidentially and safely, it’s about opening the door to the hidden conversations, fears and passionate desires that we all have and learning to express them in a safe, healthy and enjoyable way.  Then it’s about getting the mat and feeling the incredible pleasure and freedom of doing so.

Often we can do everything right, but our partner needs something different.  This is where deep listening comes in. It’s important to not put all our energy into doing the things that we “think” we should do, if it’s not getting the results we want. One simple shift or compassionate compromise can create massive fulfillment.


Are there things you think your partner should know but you don’t know how to articulate it? Would you like him to take care of you or please you in a certain way but think he should already know?  Do you want to feel desired, cherished and adored and turned on on a regular basis?  How about four play that starts early in the day with thoughtful messages, and calls and has you more ready than him by the time you see each other? This type of coaching can get you there.  Intimate relationships extend far beyond the bedroom and are built on a platform of trust, honesty, closeness and communication.

Few things are as exciting as a man who makes you feel safe and cherished while leaving your body feeling electric and in a heightened state of arousal.  Learn to ask for what you need or attract the kind of man who can give that to you; someone who will leave you thinking about him for days to come.

You deserve to feel ravished, taken, adored and cherished. This is where it begins.

If meeting the right person is an issue, you can learn what you may be doing to deter a man from approaching you or sticking around to get to know you. You have so much more control and power than you may think! Learn to open your energy when needed or close it off in a non toxic way.  Learn to open to the right partner and feel rewarded when both parties are on board moving towards the same goal.


For single or partnered men:  Most of us are brought up to believe that we should share everything with our partner and that they can handle it all;  that you are each other’s everything.  But as men, when we’re in pain- especially about our partner, it’s often wiser to get coaching around the subject first before diving in with her.  More often than not we need to work on ourselves first and then show our partner what we need which works out better for everyone.

Then, when it comes to sex we’ve got two things working against us: an ego that thinks we know best and a partner who generally does not want to teach her man how to pleasure her. She thinks you should already know.  So if she’s not teaching and we don’t  want to be put in a position to be shown,  how do we learn to be incredible lovers? One powerful way is by consulting mentors and masters in their field.  You get coaching. You step into the fire, with your ego put to the side, and like all other skills l, you learn, practice and apply.   you take what you’ve learned home and put it into practice with the right kind of partner until it is easy for you and the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

Coaching for men is not about how to make your woman happy. That’s her job. But it’s about showing up as the man you want to be and satisfying her in a way that keeps her coming… back for more and more without compromising yourself in the process.

If you are a man who is already oriented towards pleasing and being attentive to your woman, it’s time to find out how you get your needs met as well.  Do you need to feel respected and heard?  Do you need support from her in other ways?  You deserve the complete package.

If you’re single or just starting to see someone, learn how to keep her mind pulsing and thinking about YOU, not someone else. Learn to make women feel safe around you while also feeling highly excited and attuned to you.


With a coach on your team you can practice real communication and intimacy skills with someone there to call foul on any nasty behavior and encourage habits that will keep you exited by one another for years to come.  

everyone has heard that it starts with communication but how do you communicate to your partner in a way that does not trigger them, while also getting your point and needs across? How do you communicate with your partner in a way that turns them on, and keeps you in the forefront of their mind even when you’re not in the same room?  Everyone can benefit from deeper levels of intimacy and closeness.


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