Handstand and Inversion Coaching


 Handstand and inversion training for all levels from the ground up

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Classes are for 1-4 participants.

Gymnastics, hand balancing, handstands and body weight training have almost always been secret art.  It is unusually difficult to find proper coaching outside of small acrobatic and gymnastics circles and the tricks of the trade often get quietly passed on from one performer to the next. But all of that changes when you book a handstand session with Elegant Acro.

Hand balancing work is one of the more physically demanding yet physically rewarding training modalities you can take part in.  Part of what contributes to its allure is how good it feels, how good it looks and how many unusual shapes you can make whether one one hand or two.  We’ve got decades of experience to help get you to where you want to be but it is a commitment to work on it.

The great thing about handstand training is there are progressions to accommodate almost every level of fitness, no matter what yours may be. Hand balancing and handstanding is also extremely useful for your acrobatic practice and compliments it perfectly.  Whether you’re getting upside down for the first time or refining the advanced art of balancing on other humans and objects, we can help you improve.


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