Let’s Ride


The snarl of the engine, the full control of a powerful machine with only fingertips on levers and clutch, the camaraderie amongst silent men, the freedom of the open road. It is truly a magical feeling to get ride with friends. Our journey took us down Mulholland, into the mountains, up to the famous Rock Store and then up Snake run. From there we took windy canyons all the way down to PCH with an obligatory stop at Neptune’s Net.

Reading words on the page appears as though I’m just listing off locations, but every single moment that passed was exhilarating, soothing, and deeply nourishing to the soul. As we zoomed by mountains, freshly rained upon nature, and the spectacular Malibu ocean, the vast display of eye candy was abundant.

After a quick snack on PCH, we pushed the Ducatis up to Camarillo, off Las Posas, And down another canyon until we arrived in Thousand Oaks and eventually went our separate ways.

There is driving and then there is riding. And then there is riding with friends. While I’m sure many roll their eyes as we blow by, or dislike the noise, or maybe wish you could do what we do as we weave quickly in and out of traffic without ever having to wait, the experience of actually being on the saddle, throttling hand, is incomparable.

I take great pleasure in riding with my friends, as it always pushes my comfort level a little bit and yet somehow I feel safer In numbers. I find that it’s easy to connect with nature this way believe it or not, and deep breaths feel amazing on the cool brisk afternoon. Going hundred and 78 miles an hour also helps me connect with nature. Okay kidding. But it’s interesting to discover the things that connect us and excite us. Riding is definitely one Of those things. And it can only be discovered through doing it. If you ride, or are excited to, please share some thoughts below


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